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>Strictly Voting Systems

>Since I’m revealing guilty secrets, I should possibly also reveal my bordering-on-the-obsession passion for Strictly Come Dancing. Every Saturday night, and every weekday evening, my video now knows to record every ronde, every tantrum, every chicken walk and every bad … Continue reading


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>Farewell, Schuey

>I know the Party has just launched its Green Tax Switch campaign and we’re really not in favour of wasteful burning of fuel, so it’s not the best time to reveal my guilty secret – my almost lifelong passion for … Continue reading

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>Veils and Crosses

>This week two employees have been suspended from their jobs because of the clothes and jewellery they wear. I have to say that I am quite appalled to see Government Ministers call for Aishah Azmi to be sacked if she … Continue reading

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>A Bright Future

>It was very heartening to see a packed Scottish Liberal Democrat conference embrace the radical and positive Bright Future pre-manifesto document yesterday. With its focus on opportunities for young people, innovation and investment and its commmitment to produce 100% of … Continue reading

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>Pink Dog: Playground action movie

>Pink Dog: Playground action movie Nice to see that our canine friend is enjoying her holiday in Australia. It will give you motion sickness, though, so be careful.

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>Veiled Threats

>Jack Straw has beautifully illustrated that fundamental Labour inability to respect individuality. If he finds it difficult to communicate with women who are wearing a veil, then I would suggest it is he who has the problem. Where would you … Continue reading

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