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>Taking choice from Parents

>I’m slightly concerned at the Government’s proposals to force lone parents back to work and off benefits when their youngest child reaches the age of 12. Yet again the value of raising children goes unrecognised. I know of a fair … Continue reading

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>Imitation is………..

>Can I recommend that you take a look at this brand new blog – you may need sunglasses as it’s a bit loud. I was quite struck by the title…….. I’m quite flattered really.

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>Doctor Who Heaven

>I would have thought that I would have been in the deepest of disgrace after my behaviour outlined in the previous post, but I was delighted when my poor long suffering husband came back from shopping yesterday with Season 2 … Continue reading

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>Life Begins

>This weekend seems to have disappeared quite quickly – partly due to some quite disgraceful over indulgence on Friday night. Our neighbour celebrated her 40th birthday with a wonderful and lively party in a local community centre and then we … Continue reading


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>What about the children?

>I hope that all we Liberals are writing to Tony Blair and Ruth Kelly to argue against any exemption for Catholic adoption agencies to the new equality laws. The most important thing in deciding on the suitability of prospective adoptive … Continue reading

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>Where is Pink Dog?

>Duncan Borrowman is being overly pessimistic in suggesting that some terrible fate has befallen Pink Dog. Does he not realise that being a chocolate coinosseur takes time? Although I hope better quality chocolate was being used than in the Domestic … Continue reading

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>Go Hillary

>I’m glad to see that Hillary has thrown her hat into the ring. Conventional wisdom says that she’s too much of a polarising figure and that she won’t, even if teamed up with Barack Obama, be able to lead the … Continue reading

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>Not so Goody

>I may be the only one in the country to feel like this but I must confess to having quite a bit of sympathy for Jade Goody. Not because I condone her behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house, because … Continue reading

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