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>Not bad for an English bloke

>That nice Duncan Borrowman has a pretty good understanding of Scottish politics for an English bloke. I am gutted that I saw neither him nor Pink Dog at Aviemore. This has to show how big Scottish conference has become. The … Continue reading

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>Choose a Bright Future

>I haven’t got time to post my conference report at the moment, but it was a fantastic weekend. Do scroll down and see the new conference broadcast, posted entirely self indulgently, as I’m in it. It’s the second video link … Continue reading

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>Fast Response

>I sent an e-mail to ITV to complain about a remark Russell Brand made while presenting the Brits. I can just about cope with him going on interminably about his private parts, however unfunny I might find it, but referring … Continue reading

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>Off to Conference

>Tomorrow we all converge on Aviemore for Scottish Conference. It should be a fantastic event. I’m looking forward to the consultation session on Trident and to the debates on health and early years education and lots of exciting fringe meetings … Continue reading

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>A Valentine’s Appreciation

>Okay, I won’t make this too slushy, I promise, but I do feel that I should publicly express my appreciation for my husband Bob. Even more so given the exotic and delicious chocolates he brought home for me yesterday. I … Continue reading

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>Children First?

>I was quite impressed to read Steve Webb’s take on yesterday’s report which stated that British kids, despite living in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, did not fare so well in wellbeing – coming bottom of a … Continue reading

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>Conrad Carruthers,welcome to the Big Siblings Club

>My good friend who lives in Kinross celebrated the birth of her new nephew this weekend. I wish many congratulations to the happy family on their new arrival, Cameron. As an older sibling myself, I also wish to welcome 2 … Continue reading

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>Pink Dog and Dino

>Mr Maxfield has sent me down Memory Lane again. My daughter has become addicted to Pink Dog’s blog and reads it faithfully. Today’s posting just shows how much of a Dog after My own Heart she is. Anyway, last year, … Continue reading

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>Scotrail’s dismal start to the year

>It’s not just Ayrshire and Glasgow which has been suffering poor performance on the railways since the start of the year. Those of us who had been moderately impressed with First Scotrail’s running of the service are thinking again in … Continue reading

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>CSA Bonuses – £25 million for what?

>I almost choked on my breakfast when I heard that senior staff at the discredited Child Support Agency were being given bonuses totalling £25 million this year. What on earth would they have been given if they’d done their jobs … Continue reading

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