>Not bad for an English bloke

>That nice Duncan Borrowman has a pretty good understanding of Scottish politics for an English bloke.

I am gutted that I saw neither him nor Pink Dog at Aviemore. This has to show how big Scottish conference has become.

The big thing about the SNP is how much they would cost. Not only would they insist on a referendum on independence even if it was the expressed will of the Scottish people that they didn’t want to be a separate state, but if you added up all the spending pledges they have made over the years, you would have to put 9p on income tax to implement them.

I suspect the Nats are a bit like those toys you always wanted at Christmas which looked shiny and glitzy but when you took them out of their packaging you discovered that they were a bit artificial and couldn’t do half the stuff you’d imagined.

It’s difficult to respect a leader who makes such pointless personal attacks on people. I can think of many issues to take with New Labour policy, but there’s no justification for going on about someone’s teeth.

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Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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3 Responses to >Not bad for an English bloke

  1. >I wasn’t in Aviemore, Pink Dog went by himself but borrowed my blog.Of course with a name like Duncan Borrowman (the Borrowman is a Lothian surname) you have to show an interest. And my wife is a scot…


  2. >Given that Douglas Alexander had earlier accused Salmond of being ‘an old man in a hurry’, peppered amongst other insults, I think you can probably understand, even if you don’t condone, why he responded in the manner he did.On the subject of pointless attacks, when is Nicol Stephen going to take Jamie Stone to task for his ridiculous accusations of ‘xenophobia’ against the SNP? Now, I don’t pretend the SNP is perfect, and I know that we like a bit of knock-about as much as any other party. However, a line was crossed there, and while I don’t mean this in a partisan way, it’s going to be hard to take seriously Stephen’s protestations of wanting a clean and positive campaign until he distances himself from that kind of remark.Regds,Richard


  3. Erlend says:

    >Pink Dog was indeed there. I had my picture taken with him. He was excorting Andrew Reeves.Erlend


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