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>McConnell slams Scottish Towns

>Residents of Dunfermline, Cumbernauld, Alloa, Motherwell and Wishaw will no doubt be bemused by Jack McConnell’s comments reported in today’s Sunday Herald saying that ……”the town centre almost symbolises a lack of civic pride” among other things. He also calls … Continue reading

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>Lib Dems on course to win Edinburgh Central

>The Evening News has done a profile on Edinburgh Central. In it under-threat Labour incumbent admits that people are thinking about the SNP. How interesting. I seem to remember the struggling Labour campaign in Dunfermline talking up the SNP as … Continue reading

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>Children and Alcohol

>I’m quite saddened by the calls today to ban alcohol being given to children under 15. I was always allowed, in fact encouraged, to have a glass of wine with Sunday dinner. This has undoubtedly given me a rather expensive … Continue reading

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>Prescription Relief

>The Liberal Democrat pledge on prescription charges is set to bring relief to anybody who currently has to pay large amounts of money for prescribed drugs for chronic conditions not covered by current exemptions. The plans mean that the maximum … Continue reading

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>The Hidden Cost of the SNP

>Having been ordered to take the day off by the boss (he also forbade me from going anywhere near the computer, so please don’t tell him) I was looking around for a new laptop. I went on one well known … Continue reading

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>People turning to the Liberal Democrats

>The Times poll this week showing the Liberal Democrats gaining support is no surprise to me. On the ground, all over the country, there is evidence that people want change. They are totally fed up with Labour because of cash … Continue reading

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>Borrowman Fan Club – Scottish Branch

>There’s a lot of high quality literature going out in Scotland at the moment – and much of it is due, either directly or indirectly to Campaigns guru Duncan Borrowman. He has trained many of our best literature writers as … Continue reading

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