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>How you know it’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week

>You can always tell when it’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week – instead of positive reports of difficulties overcome and harmonious mothers and babies, the media is full of reports about how painful it can be and, well, formula’s ok, isn’t it? … Continue reading

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>Media Superstardom dawns

>Well, not quite, but I did join the likes of Kylie, Britney and Kate Moss on the pages of the Sun (Scottish edition) today. I was asked as a Lib Dem supporter to give my take on Blair going so … Continue reading

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>Bye, Blair

>I remember lying in bed watching Tony Blair walk into Downing Street, all smiles and hopes for the future. The crowds looked really happy and optimistic that things were really going to change. I felt absolutely nothing. I wasn’t as … Continue reading

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>Dunfermline Delight

>It was a great moment, in an otherwise very sad evening, to witness the election of Jim Tolson as the MSP for Dunfermline West. It made the long hours, the exhaustion, the sheer slog, all worthwhile. We had a fantastic … Continue reading

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>E-Counting Misery

>I can’t stand e-counting. Thursday night was as close to torture as I’d ever come. We were all gathered at the Fife Institute with no real idea what was going on as the screens did not update regularly, and stayed … Continue reading

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>Deal or No Deal?

>I am pretty well disposed to the idea of talking to the SNP. Apart from the obvious disagreement on independence, we do have some similar ideas on policy and could probably form a stable government which would be good for … Continue reading

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>Help Stop Rene being deported tomorrow

>Can I urge everyone reading this to please goto to sign a petition against the deportation tomorrow of Rene Murabukirwa. Full story is in the Evening News It seems extremely unfair to deport someone who has friends and fiancee … Continue reading

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>Labour’s negative campaign turns people off

>I might disagree with Alex Salmond on independence, but I’m sure he’s not a bad man. A bit indecisive about what Parliament he wants to be in and which constituency he wants to represent, and his party’s policies do stray … Continue reading

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