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>Vince Cable plays a blinder……….

>Go Vince:-) The Stalin to Mr Bean line must be one of the quotes of the year. I have a great deal of time for Vince Cable – another fully paid up member of the human race. He came to … Continue reading

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>What’s in a Name?

>Quite a lot apparently, if you are in the Sudan. A teddy bear innocently named Muhammed has cost British teacher Gillian Gibbons her freedom and potentially could mean an extremely severe corporal punishment and further incarceration. The worst thing she … Continue reading


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>Fran and Molly Lyon – your chance to help

>I have to admit that I initially thought that John Hemming was exaggerating when he talked about babies being removed from their mothers at birth for no good reason and being put up for adoption. Now, the more I hear … Continue reading

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>Government fails to protect parents and babies

>I was disappointed to see that the Government has failed to take the opportunity to tighten up the rules on the advertisement of artificial baby milk. In particular, I am concerned that advertising of follow-on formula, for babies over 6 … Continue reading

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>Help, I don’t know who to vote for………

>I’m back to that floating voter panic again – I have no idea who is going to get my vote tonight. This is not about the Liberal Democrat leadership, where my unreserved support goes to Nick Clegg, but for Strictly … Continue reading

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>A Word of Advice for Paul Holmes

>Is it just me or could our own Paul Holmes be mistaken for Gordon Brown in the picture at the top of page 3 of this week’s Lib Dem News? Paul is one of my favourite people not just in … Continue reading

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>Janipher Maseko – Update

>Regular readers may remember that I wrote about a young Ugandan girl, Janipher Maseko, who had been separated from her breastfeeding baby and one year old daughter and threatened with removal to Uganda without her children. Mercifully she was eventually … Continue reading

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>You know the leadership campaign is getting too much when…………

>You are telephone canvassing for your chosen candidate. Your husband comes home from work. You don’t even look up at him and keep going through your list of calls. An hour later you look up and jump because he’s had … Continue reading

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>Our Iain Dale is hot hot hot

>By that I mean solely that my pal Iain Dale has suddenly had a lot of visitors to his blog recently and was wondering what on earth was going on. I suspected that there might be some confusion with the … Continue reading

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>Why do I bother?

>Why do I bother carefully shredding everything that comes into this house with my name and address on it, or all my supermarket receipts, or anything that might give succour to an aspiring identity fraudster? What is the point when … Continue reading

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