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>Hold them to Account

>Today seems the launch of holdthemtoaccount a new campaigning site from the Lib Dems to hold those MPs who voted for the Iraq war to account. This come at the same time as a vote in the Commons on a … Continue reading

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>A Matter of Conscience

>The forthcoming vote on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is generating much more heat than light at the moment. There are some very complex issues up for discussion and at the moment the debate seems to be polarising between … Continue reading

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>David Cameron, Saviour of Children?

>So David Cameron has pledged to protect children from “ruthless marketers and shameless retailers.” So is he going to put his money where his mouth is and pledge to enshrine the WHO code on the marketing of breastmilk substitutes in … Continue reading


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>Mehdi – it’s not over yet

>While it’s definitely a good thing that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has agreed to look again at gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi’s asylum application, the battle is not over yet. Now is the time to build support for Mehdi by ensuring … Continue reading

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>Quit smoking for a good natured baby

>I was intrigued by the article in today’s Scotsman about a study which showed that women who gave up smoking during pregnancy were more likely to have good natured babies. I quit a longstanding and heavy smoking habit the minute … Continue reading

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>David Laws makes me proud – shock

>I have never been excited by David Laws before but I am thrilled to bits that he and Annette Brooke have adopted an anti smacking policy, recognising the rights of the child. I have always felt very uncomfortable with our … Continue reading

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>Shame on the Home Office – Again

>You would think by now that I’d have become accustomed to the harsh and brutal decisions made by the Home Office regarding asylum seekers and people seeking to settle in this country. In two years I’ve seen breastfeeding babies separated … Continue reading

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>A storm in a cafetiere?

>I think we do best as a Party when we decide what we believe and stick to it. I agree entirely with Nick Clegg’s analysis of the Lisbon Treaty – it’s not the same as the EU constitution, it’s less … Continue reading

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>How YOU can help miscarriage of justice victims

>I have just come back from the Liberal Democrats’ Scottish conference in Aviemore. A good time seemed to be had by all. I had thought that, not being an office bearer any more, I would be able to wander round … Continue reading

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