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>I’m not about to say one word in favour of Sarah Palin – she is a christian fundamentalist, pro life person who I do not want to see gain the vice presidency or presidency of the US, or hold any … Continue reading

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>Team Tavish

>Tavish Scott has made some sensible decisions in his reshuffling of his team. I can’t think of anyone better than Robert Brown at Justice – to me he symbolises fairness and I completely trust his instincts. Ross Finnie stays at … Continue reading

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>Kate Garraway and THAT photo

>There’s been a wee bit of a stooshie in the media this week over a mocked up photo of Kate Garraway apparently breastfeeding a calf. People like Ulrika Jonson are outraged at what she’s done, for a documentary she has … Continue reading

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>Who should be in the Shadow Cabinet?

>I was inspired for this post by the Liberal Democrat Voice Members’ Survey of the month which asked which MPs we thought should be in the Shadow Cabinet. First, one of my favourite politicians is Alistair Carmichael. He is down-to- … Continue reading

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>John McCain – what were you thinking?

>I’d never heard of Sarah Palin until yesterday. All I really know is that she’s Governor of Alaska, has been for about a year and a half, is under investigation for trying to get her ex brother in law fired … Continue reading

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>Time for some campaignin’

>Many thanks to Richard Coxon for pointing me in the direction of this clever take on the presidential election. Probably sacrilege to post it on Barack’s big night, but it’s kind of Glee Clubby.

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>Strictly Line Up Announced

>It’s all out now – we know this year’s Strictly partnerships are out. You can see the full list here. Nice to see Camilla Dallerup has got another good looking young man. She seems to have been compensated for having … Continue reading

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>Those Iain Dale Lists

>Thank you to everyone who voted for me – I truly did not expect to end up on any of Iain Dale’s lists, but was at 30 in the Scottish Top 40 and 44 in the Lib Dem top 50. … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats select Harry Wills for Glenrothes

>Businessman Harry Wills has been selected to fight the vacant Glenrothes seat for the Liberal Democrats. I spent Sunday up there delivering his Residents’ Survey in Leven. If this guy has even half the drive and energy of the last … Continue reading

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>Caron and Bob – 20 years on

>Well, some said it wouldn’t last. On paper it was a big risk to run off and live with a divorced man almost twice my age but if I had my time again, I can honestly say that I’d do … Continue reading

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