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>Falling out with Oxfam

>I am not best pleased with Oxfam at the moment. There’s no doubt that they do a whole load of good work across the World, but they have, in my view, made a catastrophic error of judgment in a video … Continue reading

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>If Vince Ruled the World……..

>……we probably wouldn’t have got into the mess we’re in in the first place. Rather than just sit back with his feet up and say “I told you so”, though, he and Nick Clegg have come up with a comprehensive, … Continue reading

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>John Mason and his Grizzly Imagination

>New MP for Glasgow East John Mason debated, among other things, the issue of ID cards with Dunfermline by-election victor Willie Rennie and Aberdeen South MP Anne Begg on Scotland at Ten. He and Willie were obviously on the same … Continue reading

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>Ros Scott – a Manifesto to grow the Party

>Presidential candidate Ros Scott has today published her manifesto. What strikes me is that this is a programme to expand and develop the Party, from increasing members and enhancing their experience of the Party to making sure that the grassroots … Continue reading


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>The Information Commissioner and some Lib Dem Market Research

>If I pick up the phone to a pre-recorded call, it’s back on its cradle within nanoseconds. If my evening is going to be disturbed by a marketing call, then I want another human being on the end of the … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats Soar in Glenrothes

>Liberal Democrat hopeful in Glenrothes Harry Wills was joined in the skies above Glenrothes by keen aviator and MP Lembit Opik. The duo were at Fife airport to give Harry’s campaign a flying start. The Party is working hard in … Continue reading

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>School Governors Block HPV Vaccine

>School Governors at St Monica’s RC High School, Prestwich, Greater Manchester have banned girls from receiving the potentially life-saving HPV vaccine on its premises because, they say, they do not believe that school is the right place for these injections … Continue reading

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>Troy Davis given Stay of Execution

>When I posted the link to ask the authorities in Georgia to stop the execution of Troy Davis last night, I had no real expectation that this would happen. I just felt that we should at least try to save … Continue reading

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>Nice Irony from Brown….

>Gordon Brown says today that today’s difficult global economic situation is “no time for a novice.” Cue to shots of Miliband looking about 12 years old and to footage of Cameron looking like he’s never run anything more than a … Continue reading

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>Help stop unjust execution…..

>Not much time so brief outline of the facts: Man sentenced to be executed at 7 pm tonight. 7 out of the 9 witnesses whose evidence led to his conviction have recanted. This has never been tested in Court. The … Continue reading

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