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>The Ultimate in Wishful Thinking

>I’ve just seen a Facebook status update from a Labour person saying that he was wondering if the rumours were true that Barack Obama was going to address the Labour Conference tomorrow. I remember my mother once, at a time … Continue reading

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>Fairness with Tips

>When I eat out, I never, ever leave a tip by credit card – that just sounds a bit remote to me and I’m not confident that it will actually reach the people it’s supposed to. It seems that greedy … Continue reading

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>Has Labour given up on Glenrothes?

>Tales of tension and woe in the Labour campaign in Glenrothes have been appearing in several newspapers over the last few days. Frank Roy, the MP charged with running the campaign has gone running for the hills. Apparently they are … Continue reading

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>You Couldn’t Make it Up

>Honestly, all over the world, ordinary people are suffering because of the irresponsibility of banks. So what happens to the people who carried out these ridiculous practices of lending money to people who were never in a million years going … Continue reading

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>Ros Scott for President

>I have long been a supporter of Baroness Ros Scott’s campaign to become President of the Liberal Democrats. I have been impressed by the tireless and enthusiastic way she has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, from Orkney … Continue reading

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>Rich Labour Supporter in £1million donation shock

>I’m not quite getting why the Labour Party think it’s a big deal that J K Rowling has given them a million. This admittedly generous gesture is hardly a surprise as Ms Rowling is a long time Labour supporter and … Continue reading

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>Strictly Sequins and Sparkles

>The first live show of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing took place tonight. As some readers know, I am a bit on the obsessive side of Strictly. I thought it might be kinder to the hardened politicos who … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday, Stephen Glenn

>Have a great and restful day because tomorrow you leaflet like a demon in Glenrothes……….:-)))

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>How quickly the spammers work….

>This came through at 23:02 this evening: Dear Valuable Customer, During our regular update and verification of the LloydsTSB Online BankingService, we could not verify your current information. It’s either your information has been changed or incomplete, as a result … Continue reading

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>Angry, not scared

>Rather than being scared by what’s going on in the financial markets, it makes me angry that taxes paid by ordinary people in the US might be going to some trillionaire capitalist who has been speculating on the money markets, … Continue reading

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