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>What has Harry Wills got to do with Leonardo Di Caprio and Archbishop Desmond Tutu?

>I’ve got to know Harry Wills, Lib Dem candidate for Glenrothes and his lovely wife Trudy quite well in recent weeks. I have been very impressed with how he has handled his role as by-election candidate and I’m sure he … Continue reading

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>I love Hallowe’en – I’m not so keen on the Americanisation of the event and I think that Trick or Treating is an abomination, but I love the dressing up, the dooking for apples, and the decorations, not to mention … Continue reading

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>Obama takes over networks to ask people to knock on doors…….

>I’ve seen some pretty awful Party Political Broadcasts in my time, not least from my own Party – does anyone remember Rosie Barnes and her rabbit? The video below is a bit of a masterclass in how it’s done – … Continue reading

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>Obama, the baby Socialist

>Barack Obama definitely has the most likeable manner of any Democratic nominee since Bill Clinton. This clip from a rally in North Carolina shows him taking the mickey out of McCain’s excessive attacks on him. If you read the article, … Continue reading

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>Labour Supporter backs Labour in Glenrothes by-election shock

>Labour have been putting out a leaflet in the Glenrothes by-election which has Sir Alex Ferguson showing his support for Lindsay Roy, the Labour candidate. This isn’t some great celebrity coup, or anything. Sir Alex has been a Labour supporter … Continue reading


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>Obama to air 30 minute TV spot………

>Barack Obama is splashing some of the millions he’s raised on a 30 minute ad to be aired before the big match tonight. This sounds like quite a change for Americans used to bite sized 30 second ads – and … Continue reading

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>Strictly beats X Factor

>Strictly Come Dancing beat the X Factor tonight in the best talent show category at hte National Trash Awards. Simon Cowell was not happy, although there was some comfort for him later when he was given a Special Recognition Award. … Continue reading

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>James Graham’s Daily Mail Post

>Every so often, a fellow blogger puts up something so darned good that you just have to draw attention to it. James Graham’s robust analysis of the Daily Mail is one such article. Your blood will boil. LibDig This!

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>SNP’s Glenrothes Hopeful wants home within five years

>Aww, bless. Peter Grant, SNP candidate in Glenrothes, doesn’t really want to spend too much time in Westminster. I sympathise. There’s no way on earth I’d want to leave my lovely life and family in Scotland to work 500 miles … Continue reading

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>Brand and Ross – Boys will be Boys

>Anybody allowing Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross in the same room together must have known that something outrageous would happen. Some people like outrageous things, which is fine. If anyone has the right to be pissed off, it’s Andrew Sachs, … Continue reading

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