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>Joe Lieberman polishes his crystal ball

>Senator Joe Lieberman, the guy who would have been Al Gore’s VP had a few votes in Florida gone the other way, and who is now a McCain supporter, has been showing off some hitherto hidden talents – as fortune … Continue reading

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>PCs are just too darned clever these days

>Yesterday when I left our HQ in Glenrothes, I forgot to log out of my e-mail. Another colleague came in this morning, fired up the e-mail site and just assumed it was his that was logged in. He then started … Continue reading

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>The Erotics of Lib Dem Economic Debate…..

>… a topic insufficiently explored. So says Stuart Jeffries, here, in a long interview with Vince Cable in the Guardian. That phrase actually makes sense when you read it, but it is a true classic. LibDig This!

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>What could happen if you don’t vote for Obama on November 4th – Register now

>Everyone’s playing with this one – Tom Harris and Duncan Borrowman to name but two. Thought I’d get in on the act……. It’s apparently not partisan – I haven’t seen a McCain version yet though………. LibDig This!

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>Stravaigin’ in Glasgow

>I am really getting to love Glasgow. Every time I go there I learn something new. My favourite pub in the whole world, the Station Bar, near GCal and the Concert Hall is there, and last night I went out … Continue reading

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>What the Lib Dems Want…..

>In response to J Arthur MacNumpty’s question, I can’t speak for all Lib Dems, but I know what I want, not just for the Glenrothes by-election, but for the future: – Harry Wills would be a first class MP, fighting … Continue reading

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>Alex on his travels – again

>Alex Salmond was in Glenrothes again for his 7th visit today. This week he has been there twice and managed to get down to Peterborough to attempt to wow the rest of the UK on Question Time. Sadly he didn’t … Continue reading

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>SNP Councillor slammed for "inappropriate" campaign e-mail

>Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Mike Rumbles has written to Alex Salmond to complain about a, frankly, disgusting e-mail sent out by Highland SNP Councillor John Finnie alerting fellow nationalists to what he described as three potential by-elections, including one in … Continue reading

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>Government backs down on Pensions

>At last, the Government has decided to make the pensions system fairer for people, the vast majority of whom are women, who take time out of the workplace to care for children or sick relatives. This doesn’t help the many … Continue reading

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>How to raise $1.3 million – for your opponent

>Elwyn Tinklenberg can’t really have thought he would have much hope of unseating the incumbent Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in her Minnesota district – until she went on MSNBC last Friday and called for investigations to root out the anti-American … Continue reading

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