>Middle East Peace Protests in Scotland this weekend

>For all who are interested in the cause of Middle East peace, there are demonstrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow this weekend.

We hope to be going to the Edinburgh one, depending on how Bob is, to show our opposition to the thoroughly disproportionate and indiscriminate Israeli action.

Sending the bombers in is not going to bring about any sort of lasting peace and will only breed greater resentment and carry on this hatred for anothe generation. It has to stop somewhere, and the international community has a responsibility to take action.

Saturday 3 Jan, Gaza Protest, (Glasgow)

12noon outside Lloyds TSB, St Vincent Street Glasgow and then assemble for demo at Blythswood Square, 2pm Supported by Scottish PSC and Stop the War Scotland

Saturday 3 Jan, Gaza Protest, (Edinburgh)

12 noon, Foot of the Mound, Princes Street, Edinburgh Supported by Scottish PSC and Stop the War Scotland

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1 Response to >Middle East Peace Protests in Scotland this weekend

  1. Keith Legg says:

    >The key thing to remember about this is that, like them or not (and they are a terrorist organisation) Hamas are the democratically elected government of Palestine. Israel’s actions are a bit like Gordon Brown bombing Edinburgh because he doesn’t like the SNP.It’s ironic that the country which has the most experience in dealing with this type of sectarian terrorism and unrest – the UK – is the one which is the most hamstrung in the effort it can give, given that we probably caused the problem back in 1948. It would be interesting, though, if Iain Paisley (or David Trimble)and Martin McGuinness were to offer to go to mediate, as an example of how two people with hugely opposed and entrenched views can actually work together and bring peace.


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