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>Mother made to breastfeed twins in hospital store cupboard

>If you work in a hospital where mothers and babies are treated, you should be aware that the NHS and the Government have loads of initiatives to encourage and support breastfeeding. Therefore, when a mum comes up to you with … Continue reading

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>25 Random Things About Me

>I have now been tagged by so many people in the 25 Random Things about me meme that’s going round Facebook that I thought I’d better get on with completing it myself. I am not going to tag anyone because … Continue reading

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>Tom Harris gets all sensitive about Labour mis-spelling

>Well, I thought I was freakishly obsessive about spelling and punctuation. To be honest, I am. Most of my colleagues want to kill me on a regular basis because I just can’t let a grammatical error or spelling mistake lie. … Continue reading

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>The Best Complaint Letter Ever

>I have had a really miserable day. I feel like hell. If you’ve been following my Twitter posts, you’ll be sick fed up hearing about my ears. My poor long suffering husband got his head in his hands to play … Continue reading

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>Military Judge refuses Obama request to halt trial of Guantanamo Detainee

>This isn’t a very respectful way to treat your Commander-in-Chief. How on earth can this military judge get away with defying the will of the democratically elected administration? LibDig This!

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>Jeremy Purvis explains Lib Dem opposition to Budget and slams SNP Arrogance

> LibDig This!

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>The Budget – Where Now?

>Well, my earlier confidence may have been misplaced. Alex Salmond’s “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” attitude to the defeat of the SNP’s budget is hardly the response of a Statesman. He could have taken … Continue reading

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>High Drama at Holyrood

>So, the Budget has fallen. It was very good of Yousuf to live blog the event for us and capture the tension as it became clear that Patrick Harvie wasn’t bluffing. It was a dramatic end to a deeply uninspiring … Continue reading

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>Edinburgh to do away with librarians?

>At first glance of this story, you might be justified in thinking that the world has gone nuts. Isn’t it the height of the false political correctness that most people can’t stand to rename librarians as Audience Development Officers? That, … Continue reading

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>The DEC Gaza Appeal

>Like many others including Stephen I’m posting the DEC Gaza appeal in the hope that you will get onto their website and make a donation to help the people who are so obviously suffering. How much do we spend on … Continue reading

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