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>Sympathy for the Cameron Family on Ivan’s passing

>I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child. I can only guess at the agony David and Samantha Cameron must be going through at the sudden loss of their son, Ivan. How hard it must have been for them … Continue reading

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>Blogging may well be light for a while…..

>The Glandular Fever at the moment is decreeing that I spend the vast majority of my time either on the sofa trying to stay awake or in bed asleep. I know it will pass eventually and I’m not looking for … Continue reading

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>EU Leaders agree the bleedin’ obvious

>And locks will be fitted to the stable doors as the horses disappear over the horizon. ‘Strewth! LibDig This!

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>The Best Recipes contain Chocolate

>The Observer has a feature in which top chefs choose their top 50 recipes of all time. Gordon Ramsay has somewhat bizarrely chosen a recipe for Oxtail soup. Why would you do that when there’s chocolate in the world? Raymond … Continue reading

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>Tom Harris, Caviar and Rising Fuel Bills

>I have just nipped over to Tom Harris’ blog whose adverts at this moment just show the dichotomy that is the modern Labour Party. At the top is an ad for caviar, truffles and foie gras, all of which are … Continue reading

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>Funding Row threatens HPV vaccine programme

>Scotland on Sunday has this report outlining how young women who have left school are set to be denied access to the HPV vaccine which prevents the virus which causes cervical cancer becuase of a funding row between GP surgeries … Continue reading

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>Gordon Brown gets it right for once

>I don’t know what made me laugh more – the idea of Simon Cowell having his body frozen, thinking he would be doing the nation a service, when he dies in case he can be brought back to life in … Continue reading

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>Some Random Thoughts on Teenage Parenthood

>The reports of new parents 13 year old Alfie Patten and 15 year old Chantelle Steadman has raised the predictable outrage from Red Top Britain, with tabloid journalists competing to get the most sensationalist headlines. I don’t pretend to have … Continue reading


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>Jade Goody – good luck to her

>You would have to be a really cold, unfeeling person to have no sympathy for the awful situation Jade Goody finds herself in. As a mum, I can only too easily understand the fear and pain at being forcibly taken … Continue reading

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>Leave Leith Alone!

>I almost choked on my Weetabix when I read about Forth Ports’ ridiculous idea to name a huge development that is being built in Leith the Edinburgh Harbour Development. This is their craziest idea since ship to ship oil transfer … Continue reading

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