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>Iain Dale’s Top 20 Blogs on Twitter

>That nice Mr Dale, the Tory one, not my tribute one has asked his followers on Twitter to direct message him with their nominations for their favourite political blog. There’s one slight problem, though, that I don’t think he anticipated. … Continue reading

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>Heathrow Expansion – the Airplot thickens

>Some good reasons why the planned Heathrow expansion is not a good idea…… LibDig This!

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>Sponsor the Red Nose Day Climbers

>I obviously have a thing for throwing money at fools who do crazy things – remember Team Hopelessness, anybody? Anyway, I have just sponsored the idiots who are off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the aim of raising at least … Continue reading

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>Proper support for breastfeeding best prevention for rare condition

>I do wish the BBC would get a sense of perspective sometimes and be a bit more responsible about how it reports things. They are running this story about a potentially serious condition that can rarely affect breastfed babies who … Continue reading

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>Government Department in competence Shocker 2

>I’m completely shocked that, twice in one week, Government Departments have actually done what they are supposed to do. Remember my “why should I get free prescriptions” rant from last week? Well, I only filled in the form last Wednesday, … Continue reading

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>Salmond’s Skewed Priorities prolong suffering for many

>Take a manifesto with 2 main flagship policies: a referendum on independence, and ditching the unfair Council Tax. The first is wanted by nobody other than nationalists and Greens, the other had a realistic chance of becoming law. Which do … Continue reading

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>Geert Wilders – when should people be silenced?

>I don’t agree with Geert Wilders critique of Islam. It’s emotive and unbalanced and paints a picture of the religion that is unrecognisable to most of its followers. However objectionable and unhelpful I might find his view and his film, … Continue reading

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>Torvill and Dean – Bolero still magic 25 years on

>Back in the early 80s, when you weren’t talking about Charles and Diana, you were talking about Torvill and Dean. Unless of course you were way too cool, hip and trendy to talk about either. I still remember the excitement … Continue reading

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>Happy Valentine’s Day

>I spent some time earlier this morning, under the patient and skilful direction of my beautiful and talented daughter, Anna, making a Valentine’s card for my lovely and long-suffering husband Bob. I have not felt well enough to brave the … Continue reading

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>Why are the Nats ignoring Twitter?

>Forget Facebook and blogging, it’s Twitter that’s all the rage at the moment. This is another insidious internet phenomenon that sucks you in gradually and, before you know it, you are hooked. I signed up originally about 5 months ago … Continue reading

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