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>So Much to Love about new F1 Season

>Ok, it’s not the best way of spending hundreds of millions of pounds polluting the environment, but I have always loved Formula 1, always been a Ferrari girl and have had a crush on Martin Brundle forever. Don’t expect to … Continue reading

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>Russell Brand is a nice guy after all

>Russell Brand today has shown his sensitive side in this very genuine, touching and heartfelt tribute to Jade Goody which he put on his blog this morning. I never knew that his mother had Cancer several times during his childhood … Continue reading

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>A couple of things that made me furious this week.

>I may be blogging light at the mo, but there are a couple of things I could not let pass. Firstly, the news yesterday that one in six therapists would attempt to curb homosexual feelings in their patients. Who are … Continue reading

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>The New Political TV Show Dream Team?

>I’m feeling ill and can’t go to bed cos the children don’t go to school on Friday afternoons in these parts so I’ve been catching up on some blog reading over the last wee while. I haven’t watched last night’s … Continue reading


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>Jo Swinson champions Wellbeing

>Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire has long argued that we should look not just at how much money our economy produces but how well and how satisfied with their lives our citizens are. She has just been … Continue reading

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>Stabbings and Vegetarians – Labour’s weird sense of what’s important.

>Following on from yesterday’s post about how the Government is keeping track of people who order vegetarian meals on flights as this apparently indicates potential terrorist tendencies, the lovely Dr Pack has made this short film outlining all the dodgy … Continue reading

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>Vegetarians as Terror Suspects – has the world gone completely mad?

>My husband is one of the most peace loving, reasonable, moderate, kind and generally good people you could ever wish to meet. Yet the Government might well have him under suspicion for terrorist activities. Why? For some reason they have … Continue reading

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>A Trip Down Memory Lane for my 500th post

>It’s taken 2.5 years, but I’ve managed to chock up half a millennium’s worth of posts. In the style of many US TV series, I thought I’d make this a bit of a flashback episode and remind you of some … Continue reading

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>Of Motherhood and Mother’s Day

>So the furtive looks between my daughter and her father and conspiratorial stage whispering of the last few days are at an end. At just before 10 this morning, Anna jumped on the bed bearing gifts and a huge pile … Continue reading

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>Cringing with Pride

>I was feeling much better today, and managed to last until lunchtime before collapsing in a heap and needing to go to bed. I was in a very deep sleep that was disturbed by Anna jumping on me and puncturing … Continue reading

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