>Help Amy and Friends while watching the Marathon

>Imagine how you would feel if you were lining up in Blackheath waiting to take part in the London Marathon. You’d have gone through months of painful training and would be wondering if it would all pay off and you’d manage the whole 26 miles. You’d be thinking of the cause you were running for and be a bit scared about letting your sponsors down. Although, to be honest, it would take a really evil sort of person to withdraw their sponsorship if you didn’t finish. Just by getting there and putting in the months of work, you have already deserved all the money you raise.

As I look on in amazement from the comfort of my sofa, I’ll be thinking particularly of Mike Elliott, who is running for the charity Amy and Friends which I’ve mentioned before. There is no treatment available in the UK for children with this condition. The charity helps fund travel and expenses so that the children can receive treatment in the US. They also organise support for the kids and their families including an annual retreat with activities for the kids and specialist advice for their carers.

He’s not far off raising £2000, so please help him to raise money to continue the charity’s important work.

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