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>Vote for a Change

> There seems to be quite a push for electoral reform across the whole of progressive politics at the moment. It’s not something that’s new as most of the people involved have been committed to fair votes forever and a … Continue reading

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>Rawnsley takes apart Cameron’s new found reformer’s zeal

>If you read nothing else today, look at Andrew Rawnsley’s analysis of the respective parties’ commitment to proper constitutional reform. Ok, so he says that the Lib Dems are the only party with an authentic commitment to real electoral reform, … Continue reading


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>New Formula One Fansite

>Some fellow F1 obsessives in the Twitterverse have set up a website which is part blog, part discussion forum where we can indulge in our favourite passion. It’s called Diffuse F1 and is shaping up to be quite fun. You … Continue reading

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>Weekend Weirdness

>A few random thoughts which have hit me over the past 24 hours: I am having a hard time coping with the idea that someone who was born in the year I got married (1988) is old enough to be … Continue reading

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>D Day for Formula One

>59 minutes past the 11th hour tonight marks the deadline for entries for next year’s Formula One championship. I’ve written before about the issues which have led to a sensational threat to quit F1 after 60 years from Ferrari. I … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson – Alex Wilcock writes….

>I can’t imagine there’s a single Lib Dem who doesn’t hang on to every word Daddy Alex writes. If by some chance you were drunk, or unconscious, or away in Mars for a couple of days, and missed this treat, … Continue reading

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>Summertime – and reforming is easy

>I have to say I’m impressed that a group of politicians, particularly in some ways Lib Dem politicians, have come up with a quick, easy and achievable way of carrying out at least some of the reform to clean up … Continue reading

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>Libertas kicks UKIP with funny You Tube video

>Nice to see that all is happy and friendly in Euro-Sceptic Land…. Interesting that the Libertas website has not one single item about the real problems facing the world – not a thing on how Europe needs to work together … Continue reading

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>Steamin’ at Steamie for Swinson Story

>I am currently engulfed in a fury unrivalled in its intensity at the Scotsman’s political blog, The Steamie, for its shameless referral to the Telegraph’s inaccurate claims that Jo Swinson claimed for make up on her expenses. This comes on … Continue reading

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>Ming Campbell turns down huge profit to save taxpayer money

>I have to confess that I did do a bit of a tut tut when I first heard that Ming Campbell had had a designer sort out his London flat on expenses. It was only a very small tut tut, … Continue reading

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