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>Pride and the President

>Sometimes I look at President Obama and have to remember that I’m not watching an episode of the West Wing. The good stuff he’s doing is actually real. I suppose it’s only fair after spending 8 years fearing what Bush … Continue reading

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>Labour council enlists Big Brother’s help in Glasgow.

>Glasgow’s Labour Council has been closing schools in the city, much to the concern of local parents. One group of parents decided to occupy a school earmarked for demolition over the weekend. The reaction of the City council? It turned … Continue reading

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>Lib Dems highlight huge increase in self harm amongst women prisoners

>Liberal Democrat justice spokespeople north and south of the border have been investigating the growing instances of self harm amongst women prisoners. In both England and Scotland, these incidents have pretty much doubled over five and four years respectively. What … Continue reading

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>Key day for Irish Blasphemy Law

>A couple of months ago I wrote about the very scary proposed new Irish blasphemy law which could mean the likes of me being fined 100,000 euros for, well, uttering anything that could cause outrage amongst followers of any religion. … Continue reading

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>Fantasy Liberal Cabinet

>Those nice people at Lib Dem Voice have given us the task of forming a Fantasy Liberal Cabinet, which can include politicians past and present. The Hon Lady Mark has taken this a step further and allocated me the job … Continue reading

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>Being Fat – my life as an outcast.

>So, my life as a social pariah is now confirmed. It’s been coming for a while, with little digs here and there in the Daily Mail about the obesity crisis and how much of a healthcare time bomb we larger … Continue reading

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>Rev Kelvin Holdsworth’s speech to Edinburgh Pride

>Have a look at Scottish Episcopalian Priest Kelvin Holdsworth’s speech, from an open topped bus, to the Edinburgh Pride march yesterday, along with his reflections on the day. Kelvin has also been a Liberal Democrat candidate in the past, standing … Continue reading

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