>Summer Holiday Fun

>It’s a day of celebration in our house – it’s Bob’s birthday and 22 years since the day we met when he came to Braemar Youth Hostel aiming to stay for a night and leaving a week and a half later with more than he bargained for.

This is the first time in years he’s actually spent his birthday at home – we are usually in Mallorca but my being ill has completely mucked up our holiday plans. Maybe we’ll get away later in the year – I want to make as much use of getting away when Anna’s a child as possible – in two years’ time we’ll have to pay full adult price for her.

Bob wasn’t the only one getting presents today. As the school holidays have now started, he presented Anna with a box full of cards which he has literally spent days researching and designing himself. The cards are divided into two piles – helping cards (some of which have a monetary reward) and activity cards. Included in the helping cards are activities which she will not want to undertake, such as a visit to a record shop in Glasgow – but there’s a fiver up for grabs if she goes with him. I think personally that he should have made it a tenner if she didn’t moan about it, but he’ll notch that one up to experience, I guess. She also has to find their way from here to a nearby ancient burial site and take a picture of her daddy in the underground chamber. That’s also worth a fiver to her. I did insist that some of these cards had no monetary value as I think it’s quite important that she realises that you just have to muck in sometimes.

The activity cards are a whole load of suggestions for days out, from the beach, to play centres, to swimming, the park and shows at the festival, of either her’s or Daddy’s choice. You guessed it, if he chooses, he coughs up!

She also has a few blank cards for her to suggest her own activities, some “mystery” cards and some jokers so she can re-use cards. It all looks great. I should really try and get her to keep some sort of record of what we do.

The stage is set for a good Summer holiday – let’s just hope the heatwave materialises!

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