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>My Second 21st Birthday

>Today has been my second 21st birthday. We’re spreading the celebrations over several days because I just don’t have the energy to do them all at once, but today has been good. A leisurely lie-in reading lovely messages from friends … Continue reading


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>Michael Schumacher courts controversy over test request

>He’s barely been back in the game 48 hours but already Michael Schumacher has caused controversy in the Formula One World. To be fair, there’s not much sign of it in the actual Formula One World, but there’s been a … Continue reading

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>Explosions hit Mallorcan holiday resort

>This is the first year for a long time that we haven’t spent at least a fortnight in Mallorca. We have loved the island since we first went there together some 16 years ago and have made friends there that … Continue reading

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>Caron’s Corkers

>Not so much time for blogging at the moment as still feeling rubbish. At least doctor has found a reason for it so let’s hope the new drugs do the trick. Won’t be around much today as we are looking … Continue reading

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>Michael Schumacher in surprise Ferrari return.

>Ok, I want to know who Stephen’s mole in Ferrari is, but it turns out he called it right. Michael Schumacher is indeed going to replace the injured Felipe Massa at the European Grand Prix in Valencia. In a way … Continue reading

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>Desperate Labour attacks David Kerr for filming with guns

>Are there no depths to which Labour will not sink in their attempts to drag down SNP candidate in the Glasgow North East SNP candidate David Kerr. I’ve only just really caught up with the Sunday papers and found this … Continue reading

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>Government Soldiers’ Compensation Shame

>I never fail to be horrified at how horrendously badly this Government (and others before it to be fair) treats those who work for it. We see repressive and toxic management cultures in many Government Departments which stifle innovation and … Continue reading

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>The race to succeed John Barrett

>Now that a decent interval has passed since John Barrett announced that he was standing down as MP for Edinburgh West, there will be no doubt be speculation as to who might succeed him as the Liberal Democrat candidate. Ian … Continue reading

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>Send your message of support to Felipe Massa

>It’s great that there’s been some encouraging news on the condition of F1 driver Felipe Massa. It’s great to know that he’s now awake and communicating and that the doctors think that he could make a complete recovery from the … Continue reading

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>Blogging and the Lib Dems

>That nice Mr Tall set we Lib Dem bloggers some homework over the weekend. I hope Sir won’t mind me handing mine in a bit late. I could plead illness – which would be true, but if he will hand … Continue reading

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