>Tories call the Kerr-tle black

>There seems to be a bit of a fuss about SNP candidate for Glasgow North East David Kerr’s membership of Opus Dei.

Now, I’d find it very difficult to vote for anyone who was pro life and anti gay rights, whatever religion (or none) they followed. Let’s not turn the by-election into a Dan Brown movie.

Opus Dei with its secrecy and flagellation is just the sort of thing to give the tabloids a feeding frenzy as they did when Ruth Kelly another Opus Dei associate, was appointed to the Cabinet. However, followers of all sorts of religions and denominations within Christianity hold the same views on abortion and homosexuality. Should these people be ruled out from being MPs? Of course not – as long as the voters arw aware how they will vote on these issues up front.

And, oh, the irony, that Murdo Fraser is having a go at Kerr for membership of a “secretive and hardline” organisation. This from the party which gave us Section 28, for goodness sake and which now wants to enforce a cooling off period on couples who want to divorce. For a party that believes in small government, their insistence on intervening in areas which should be up to people themselves to determine is hypocritical to say the least.

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4 Responses to >Tories call the Kerr-tle black

  1. Will says:

    >There's a line I recall from the West Wing… "I like how you want to make government so small, it fits into people's bedrooms". That would fit the Tories, as well as the Republicans who Josh was deriding.Of course, it's not like the Tories have had any members of the Freemasons or that other lodge with a rather orange-ish hue, I suppose.Oh wait… 🙂


  2. Wardog says:

    >"membership of a "secretive and hardline" organisation"Isn't Murdo a Free Mason?Could it have been the same Murdo Fraser that thinks Scotland should be celebrating the reformation (where numerous prominant catholics were murdered).Did Murdo condemn Mandela as a 'terrorist'.The sad truth is that rent a gob fraser has never moved beyond student politics.In this case he's simply piling in on a Labour inspired smear campaign.Strange don't you think for a Tory to be aiding Labour.The Liberals are the only opposition party to come out of this with any decency.Harvie is increasingly becoming intolerant of beliefs to which he doesn't subscribe. I suspect he'll end up splitting/reducing the green vote.


  3. subrosa says:

    >Wardog's correct in saying Murdo hasn't moved on from student politics. He still looks and speaks like a silly laddie and is affectionately known as such in this area.I couldn't vote for anyone with these beliefs either Caron, but Kerr shouldn't be pilloried for his religious views.I'm sure there are many who are members of some secretive society and, of course, the masons are masters at keeping quiet. Mind you, if I belonged to something which required me to walk around with one trouser leg rolled around my thigh, I'd keep pretty quiet too.


  4. Red Maria says:

    >Sorry, I may be missing something here but what on earth is wrong with a cooling off period for couples – or more usually one half of a couple – demanding a divorce?


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