>Desperate Labour attacks David Kerr for filming with guns

>Are there no depths to which Labour will not sink in their attempts to drag down SNP candidate in the Glasgow North East SNP candidate David Kerr.

I’ve only just really caught up with the Sunday papers and found this report in the Sunday Herald where Labour candidate calls for Kerr to apologise to the people of Glasgow for an item he filmed in a Tesco car park in Springburn. Particularly pathetic was their insistence that “the incident could have alarmed others and questioned Kerr’s judgment”. Now, I’ve been lucky enough never to come across a random gunman in a Tesco car park, but if I ever did, I doubt he’d be dressed in a suit and surrounded by a film crew. I think it would have been pretty obvious that nobody was in any danger.

The idiocy of this sort of approach is that they miss the reasons to tell people of the many and varied reasons there are not to vote SNP. They’ve failed on class sizes, teacher numbers, their Scottish Futures Trust is a joke. They’ve had to back down on stupid ideas like banning under 21s from buying alcohol in off licenses and privatising Scotland’s forests. I hope they are forced to climb down on their appalling, centralising plans for the Police Force too. It would be ridiculous for decisions about policing in Orkney or Caithness to be made in Edinburgh.

And I haven’t even got round to mentioning their lauding it round the international stage pushing the cause of independence at our expense. Oh, wait…

On many important issues, the SNP just gets it wrong.

David Kerr got it wrong on G-Cal and deserves everything he gets for that, but the attempts of the Labour portray to wrongly portray him as some sort of gun toting religious maniac are at best tasteless. It just shows how little they have to say for themselves.

I guess we’re going to get more heat than light from Labour and the SNP for the next 4 months until the by-election. Oh joy!

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3 Responses to >Desperate Labour attacks David Kerr for filming with guns

  1. >It was a three-person film crew (including Kerr) and so you have point there. But have you never been driving and seen anything startling out of your peripheral vision? Or been with a child or elderly person who has misread a seemingly obvious situation?So I don’t see this as a non-story. Kerr’s action was sufficiently questionable for BBC managers to fear that “his conduct could have breached health and safety guidelines, as well as resulting in a police incident”.I think it’s part of a rather peculiar picture of the SNP candidate: his “camp impersonation” in a “high, mincing voice” of John Knox, his Rangers/Knox “joke”, his allegedly “ultra-conservative” views on social issues, his “dangerously elitist” comments about Glasgow Caledonian, being thought of by BBC colleagues as “arrogant”, and so on.


  2. subrosa says:

    >The three man crew consisted of a soundman (with his big hairy pole), a cameraman (with a larger than normal camera) and a presenter. Even a child would know something was being filmed.As I understand it, these items were kept firmly in a locked boot until the piece was recorded.I've a fairly peculiar picture of the other candidates. Have they speech difficulties?


  3. Allan says:

    >Apart from making Kerr look like a candidate for the Damian Day award for journalism, this is a bit of a non story.Agree with you, his disparaging comments about Glasgow Caledonian and UWS are more worthy of the column inches. Disagree with you about his membership of Opus Dei, this is also worthy of the column inches.


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