>The Scottish Blogging Twitterati

>I thought it was about time to do a quick round up of where you can find my personal favourite Scottish bloggers on Twitter. This doesn’t pretend to be an exhaustive list of the Scottish Blogosphere, so if I’ve left you out, please don’t think I’m being ignorant – but leave your name in the comments, or e-mail me, and I’ll add you to the list.

I think that us all being on Twitter does mean that we can indulge in friendly debate and banter, so please come along and find us and join in. Most of us also let you know on Twitter when we have done a new blog posting. Blogs and Twitter pages are linked to below.

So, here we go, in, as they say, no particular order, a smorgasbord of Scotland’s finest:

Katy Gordon: @katygordon

Andrew Reeves Running Blog: @andyreeves

Malc in the Burgh: @MalcH

Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal: @stephenpglenn. He turns into @petroltweep on F1 race days, but he isn’t as prolific as @vee8 and I.

Caron’s Musings: @caronmlindsay and the one I use on big Formula 1 days to spare you my passionate excesses @caronlindsayf1

J Arthur MacNumpty: and his brother @WillPMacNumpty

Holyrood Patter: @HolyroodPatter whose occasionally drunken but always amusing nocturnal tweets usually have me laughing out loud first thing in the morning. I’ve now added him to my blogroll, by the way

Kezia Dugdale’s Soapbox: @kezdugdale

Yapping Yousuf: @yousufhamid

SNP Tactical Voting: @snptacticvoting

Subrosa: @scots_subrosa

Wardog: @wardogtweet

Love and Garbage: @loveandgarbage

Doctorvee: @doctorvee and his F1 alter ego @vee8

Fraser MacPherson: @dundeewestend

Andrew Tibbs: @andrewtibbs. Another new addition to the blogroll and a co-conspirator with @holyroodpatter in the nocturnal tweeting business.

Tom Harris: @tomharrismp

Scottish Unionist: @Unionist

Bored Ramblings of the Liberally Youthful: @kieranleach

Callum Leslie’s Blog: @cleslie92

My Very Infrequently Updated Lib Dem Blog: @ruaraidhdobson

What’s in Kelvin’s Head: @thurible

Scots and Independent: @richard_thomson

Advanced Media Watch: @StudentNat

Odd Politics: @KevinMcP

Scottish Tory Boy: @scottishtoryboy

Willie Rennie MP: @willierenniemp

Two Doctors: @twodoctors

Freedom and Whisky: @david_farrer

It’s also worth knowing about 3 people who don’t have blogs yet, but who use Twitter to great effect, @joswinson, Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire, @ericjoyce, Labour MP for Falkirk and @wendyfraser, who really needs to have her own blog cos she’s good.

About caronlindsay

Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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4 Responses to >The Scottish Blogging Twitterati

  1. >What no @pettoltweep earning a seperate F1 mention.I think the 10 year old really is the smart one 😉


  2. subrosa says:

    >Oh Caron you are patient to type all that. Now of course, I have to check my Twitter and I'm not too good with Twitter as you know, but I try.


  3. Caron says:

    >Stephen, the world doesn't need to be protected from your F1 stuff – you aren't as prolific as me and you don't talk half as much rubbish. However, I've updated to include him. He'd better contribute to the proceedings on Sunday:-)The 10 year old has been told that her smartness is down to either nature or nurture – either way, it's down to us.Subrosa – I've been working on it for a wee while – a little bit at a time, a few minutes here and there. I think you're fine with Twitter – I learned stuff from you on it.


  4. >The last two race weekends I've been otherwise engaged whilst quali and the race have been on.


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