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>Steamie post – the secret truth behind the private Lib Dem Conference

>My latest Steamie post, on the goings on in Dunfermline today (which I’m not at), is here.

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>Happy Hallowe’en

>Ok, yes, I know, it’s a vile piece of brash American commercialism, but producing all the tat and growing all the pumpkins and stuff keeps people in jobs – no bad thing in this climate. It is indeed a day … Continue reading

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>Caron gets Steamie

>Ok, so that’s a bit of gratuitous headline grabbing. Alternatively, for those of you who actually know me on real life, it’s put you off your dinner. There is more than a grain of truth in it, though, unlike my … Continue reading

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>F1 gears up for season finale in Abu Dhabi

>The F1 world is gathering on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi for the final race of the season at the brand spanking new Yas Marina Circuit. At this point, I get a bit squeamish and start wringing my hands a … Continue reading

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>Vote for your biggest Eco-Villain of the Decade

>The Guardian is running a poll to find out who we think is the Eco-Villain of the Decade. For me, the choice was easy – the person whose actions have caused real harm and distress to people I care about. … Continue reading

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>Lib Dems Stand Up for Scottish Banks and Business

>You may remember that when the banks collapsed, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott campaigned against the merger, pointing out that it would cost jobs, be hugely expensive for the taxpayer and restrict consumers’ choice in banking. It was good … Continue reading


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>F1: Jenson Button, Brawn and an overall question of ego

>Before I get into full flow, let me just say that I have just about come down from Cloud Nine after the Brazilian Grand Prix which saw my favourite F1 team, Brawn GP grab the Constructors’ Championship in style with … Continue reading

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>Newspaper publishers threaten end of free internet linking

>My attention was drawn to this by my friends at Brits on Pole on Twitter. I’m technically pretty stupid, but I think that what NewsNow are trying to say is that they provide a service to others by providing lists … Continue reading

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>More Sexist Tories

>However much David Cameron’s Tories try to pretend that they’ve dragged themselves out of the Dark Ages and are now nice, fluffy, liberal minded tolerant folk, every so often the proof comes that they are still the same old nasty, … Continue reading

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>I am still alive, honest……

>I thought I should let you know that I am still alive, although blogging has been a lot lighter than I thought it would be. Healthwise, it’s been an interesting, in the Chinese proverb definition of “interesting” time. Recent tests … Continue reading

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