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>Help Save the British Grand Prix – Rennard style

>How would you feel if your favourite sporting event was suddenly removed from the calendar? Each year we have certain set iconic sporting events that we’re aware of even if we absolutely hate the sports involved. How would you feel … Continue reading

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>F1: Countdown to Brawn boys’ Brazil duel

>It’s a bit weird for it to be this time on a Formula One Sunday to not be watching the race – but today it’s in Brazil and doesn’t start until 6pm. Rather than bite my nails in anticipation at … Continue reading

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>Where to get Swine Flu information

>The headline of the Daily Express today screams out that two young pregnant women have died of Swine Flu. Anyone who sees it, especially if they’re pregnant, is bound to be worried by it. I live in a house with … Continue reading

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>Stephen Gately 1976-2009

>Like Andrew and Stephen, I was really saddened to waken last Sunday morning to discover that Boyzone singer Stephen Gateley had died suddenly on holiday in Mallorca at the agonisingly young age of 33. At 26, I may have been … Continue reading

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>Why is Twitter going mad about Trafigura?

>I have to confess that I’d never heard of Trafigura until today. Then, this morning, I logged into Tweetdeck and found a stream of tweets containing tagged #trafigura so intense that it felt like being bombarded by water cannon. It’s … Continue reading

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>EXCLUSIVE: Guest Post from George Lyon MEP. Cameron must be praying for Czech "no" after Irish "yes"

>I’m delighted to be able to present a guest post from Scotland’s new Liberal Democrat MEP, George Lyon. CAMERON MUST BE PRAYING FOR CZECH ‘NO’ AFTER IRISH ‘YES’ One question the Conservatives have studiously avoided answering during their party conference … Continue reading

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>Friday Plug 2 – The Cake Guru

> Regular readers of this blog and others around the Scottish Blogosphere will be familiar with often very wise and relevant comments made by someone called PJ. For a long time I wondered who on earth this person was and … Continue reading

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>Friday Plug 1 – Choc and Wine – A New Blog

>My lovely sister has decided to get into the blogging game. The title of her new blog, Choc and Wine, brings together two of her favourite things in life and sources close to her tell me that the first posting … Continue reading

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>UPDATE: Cervical Cancer Jab – getting accurate information from Google

>Just as a quick follow up to yesterday’s post, Malcolm Coles has published a more detailed list of instructions for people to follow if they are interested in ensuring that the Google search results for the Cervical Cancer vaccine include … Continue reading

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>Cervical Cancer Jab – where to get accurate information

>I think everyone is full of sympathy for the family of Natalie Morton, the 14 year old who died very suddenly the other day, just a few hours after being given the HPV vaccination. Today we’ve had the news that, … Continue reading

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