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>Why Tom Harris is wrong on Gary McKinnon

>A couple of days ago, Tom Harris published this posting in which he basically took Alan Johnson’s line that Asperger’s Sufferer Gary McKinnon should be hung out to dry and be extradited to the United States for trial. I think … Continue reading

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>Scottish Parliament Committee to consider Equal Marriage Petition

>When my husband and I met and fell in love 22 years ago, there was little doubt that we would eventually get married. It actually happened a lot sooner than we thought, just over a year later, and the only … Continue reading

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>Twitter is marvellous because……….

>Where else, before you’ve even got out of bed in the morning can you: discover that the Lib Dems have won a by election in St Austell and Newquay, where Tory PPC Caroline Righton recently smeared Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen … Continue reading

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>Government’s Shame over Gary McKinnon

>Once upon a time, you might have justifiably thought that a Labour Government, whatever faults it might have, would at least protect those most in need in our society. Not any more, though. Alan Johnson has decided that he is … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson Dropped from Question Time – Update

>Since I wrote this post yesterday, a steady flow of people have let me know either via Twitter or Facebook or the group on the new Lib Dem social network Act that they have complained to the BBC about Jo … Continue reading

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>Labour and Tories Fail on Calman

>I just don’t get the Labour Party. They have moved heaven and earth to get some horrendously illiberal legislation through – remember ID cards, control orders and 42 days’ detention, anyone? They were stubborn, intransigent and draconian. The Government believed … Continue reading


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>Liberal Democrats get their ACT together

>The Liberal Democrats have launched a new social network today called Lib Dem ACT. Its lovely jade and yellow colour scheme looks very fetching. You don’t have to be a party member to join, so why not come along and … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson dropped from BBC Question Time Panel

> Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs shadow minister Jo Swinson commented on Twitter this morning that she was a “bit miffed at being dropped from #bbcqt panel at 48hrs notice: Iraq inquiry this week and no Lib Dem on panel!” I … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday to Mark Reckons

>Yet another November birthday today, but not one we can put down to a fun Valentine’s Day. Mark Reckons is one year old today, although it feels like he’s been round for ever. I mean that in a good way … Continue reading

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>Another thing I learned at the Unconference

>If you are reading this it means that I understood the lovely Mark Pack's instructions about how to blog from my Blackberry. You might think I must be really stupid not to have worked out what the wee envelope next … Continue reading

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