>The Queen’s Speech or Jenson Button?

>I am a naughty Lib Dem blogger, of that there is no doubt. Yesterday I didn’t write anything about the Queen’s Speech, opting instead to say nice things about the lady herself rather than the tripe written for her by the Government.

I only had so much energy left after that and was faced with the choice of writing about the Speech, or Jenson Button’s surprise and sensational (and in my view idiotic and ill-advised) move to McLaren and what was going on with the old Brawn team. It’s interesting that the Brawn management share my view and you can sense their anger here and here.

Anyway, I wrote this, rather melodramatically entitled A Silver Arrow through Brawn’s heart? for those nice Brits on Pole people and for once I think I didn’t break anything. Although I did keep them out of the pub because when I tried to fit a photo into the article in WordPress, bad things happened and they had to bail me out.

And as for the Queen’s Speech, well, it rather brought to mind one of my long suffering husband’s more annoying traits. There can be a rat sitting on the kitchen bin and 6 inches of dust in the lounge, but he’ll choose to tidy a drawer that nobody ever goes in, or the glove box in the car. All very worthy jobs, but not the big thing.

Nick Clegg was right, so right that David Cameron even quoted him on Breakfast tv (nice to get the credit for once when the Tories try to hang on to Nick’s shirt tails), when he said, basically, that the Government had failed to do anything about the Elephant in the Commons Chamber. Months ago, Nick set out a programme for cleaning up politics that could be easily introduced in the 70 or so sitting days in the coming Parliament before the election, giving voters more power and making MPs more accountable.

As a Lib Dem blogger, I might have got my priorities a bit out of kilter by concentrating on the Button story, but that’s nothing compared to the failure of the Government to recognise what’s most important to people at the moment.

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Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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1 Response to >The Queen’s Speech or Jenson Button?

  1. Keith Legg says:

    >As a McLaren fan back to the days of Niki Lauda, personally I'm delighted that Button's moved, but I tend to think there's more to it than Brawn/Mercedes let on.If an organisation like Mercedes was coming into F1 with no agenda, they'd normally be falling over themselves to secure the world champion as part of the team. In fact, I'm kind of surprised that Mercedes didn't have some kind of deal whereby the takeover was dependent on Button being there. Given that that didn't happen, to me it's fair to assume that Mercedes have their own ideas about who they want to drive for them – somebody suggested Vettel for the 2011 season, and that could be where they're headed.For Button, it's a curious move. He won't have the support of a compliant teammate (which he didn't have at Brawn) – but then neither will Hamilton. It reminds me a bit of Damon Hill's departure from Williams, when they were determined to bring in Frentzen, but at least Button's got a competitive team.Still, might make things interesting next season, eh?


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