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>Liberalism in Action – Jo Shaw and Jenny Willott MP help people remove DNA records

>That’s quite a scary headline. I must surely been writing about some horrendous totalitarian regime that’s storing up people’s genetic material for nefarious purposes. Actually no. Stephen has today highlighted that our very own Police Force is arresting people for … Continue reading

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>Iraq Enquiry – just better quality whitewash?

>On February 15th 2003, Bob, Anna and I took the train to Glasgow, It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp and therefore absolutely totally freezing morning. We walked from Queen Street station to Glasgow Green along with huge crowds of people … Continue reading

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>It’s not just Doctor Who who has a birthday today

>Jennie reminds us that it’s the good Doctor’s 46th birthday today. Strictly speaking, though, that’s not quite true as we all know that he’s over 900 years old. Come to mention it, I’m sure I remember Tom Baker’s incarnation saying … Continue reading

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>Cagoules, Coat Hangers and Cake – A taster of the Bloggers’ Unconference

>I can only give you a quick taster of what happened at yesterday’s Lib Dem Voice organised Lib Dem Bloggers’ Unconference as I have to vacate the laptop as my long suffering husband wishes to harvest his crops on Facebook’s … Continue reading

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>Paul Clarke: Punished for doing the right thing?

>I don’t know where on earth I was last weekend but apparently there was a bit of a Twitterstorm about Paul Clarke. I’d never heard of him until loveandgarbage mentioned it last night. I thought at first he was an … Continue reading

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>The Queen’s Speech or Jenson Button?

>I am a naughty Lib Dem blogger, of that there is no doubt. Yesterday I didn’t write anything about the Queen’s Speech, opting instead to say nice things about the lady herself rather than the tripe written for her by … Continue reading

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>Secrets, Cake and Lib Dem Bloggers in Edinburgh this Saturday

>I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of the inaugural Liberal Democrat Voice Bloggers’ Unconference (a bit Winnie the Pooh, but so what) in Edinburth this Saturday. Every so often an event comes along that is an I’ll-do-it-if-it-kills-me … Continue reading

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>David Cameron’s words don’t match Tory actions.

>I was slightly bemused to watch David Cameron talk on BBC Breakfast just now about the legislation that needs to be brought forward from the Kelly Report into MPs’ Expenses. One of the specific things he mentioned was that MPs … Continue reading

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>The Queen: Respect from a republican

>As I watch the Queen arrive at the Palace of Westminster for the pompfest that marks the State Opening of Parliament, I just wanted to put on record my feelings about our 80 year old Head of State who has … Continue reading

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>T Mobile Data Scandal – why I’m not surprised

>I was horrified to discover yesterday that thousands of T-Mobile customers had had their personal information sold on to third parties by some of the company’s staff. I might have been more sympathetic towards T-Mobile if it hadn’t been for … Continue reading

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