>Annabel Goldie to Scottish People: You don’t matter

>Scottish Tory Leader Annabel Goldie has shockingly told Scottish voters that the Conservative Party doesn’t need them to govern. Even if her party wins no Westminster seats in Scotland, she warned that it actually didn’t matter because David Cameron doesn’t need Scotland to make up his majority.

I say shocking not because it’s something we didn’t think could happen, but because it’s hardly tactful of her to rub our noses in thoes horrid 18 years when Mrs Thatcher presided over the demise of many Scottish industries – the car plant in Bathgate, Gartcosh, Ravenscraig, the coal industry to name but a few – and refused to accept the will of the Scottish people to have more say over our own destiny while remaining part of the UK. How we rejoiced when the 1997 election brought a Tory free Scotland. It seemed fitting.

Why would Annabel Goldie say something like that? She must know that the Tories will continue to be nothing but an irrelevance in Scottish politics. They are the only party who don’t support increased powers for the Scottish Parliament and are running away from Calman as fast as their little legs would carry them. They say they’ve changed but on so many issues it’s clear that they’re the same old wolves dressed up as eco warriors and cuddly teddy bears. Not that I’ve seen any I want to cuddle. Thought I’d make that very clear.

If I werre a Tory activist, I’d be dismayed by Annabel Goldie’s “you’ll take what your given” attitude to democracy.

Her comments are just typical of how the Tories like to govern – arrogantly and remotely, using the state to crush rather than as the servants of the people.

While the Tories sure as anything won’t get their majority from Scotland, they are not assured of it in England either. Their attempts to win seats from us in the South West don’t seem to be working if local by-election results are anything to go by. We are doing much better than many thought we would at holding off these pseudo fluffy Tories.

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