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>Rare Disease Day 2010 Part 2: Cockayne Syndrome and Amy and Friends

> This is the second of a two part posting to mark Rare Disease Day 2010. You can read part 1 here. Last year I spoke to Jayne Hughes, the wonderful founder of the charity Amy and Friends and wrote … Continue reading

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>Watch Nick Clegg on This Morning

>On Friday morning, Nick Clegg was interviewed on ITV’s This Morning by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. He was good – pointing out when challenged on inexperience that we’d called a lot of the current issues of the day correctly, … Continue reading


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>Rare Disease Day 2010 Part 1 – Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Type 1 and the Joshua Deeth Foundation

>Today is Rare Disease Day, a day to raise awareness of uncommon diseases and to ensure that there is enough knowledge of and support for them within healthcare systems across the world. This year’s event has 4 main messages: * … Continue reading

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>Luciana Berger, Liverpool and a series of political errors

>What a happy band of campers the Liverpool Labour Party are – not! Have a look at this spat between a senior councillor and Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle over the selection of Luciana Berger as Labour candidate for the marginal … Continue reading

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>The poison of using patriotism as a political weapon

>Oh, so David Cameron thinks it’s his patriotic duty to get rid of Gordon Brown. That makes me feel really uncomfortable. In fact it makes me shudder. Far be it from me to ever defend the Labour Party. You’ll find … Continue reading

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>Bristol Breastfeeding Bus Story may not have been what it seemed

>In the interests of fairness, I should report further to this posting from the other day that all may not have been what it seemed. The Bristol Evening Post is now reporting that the bus’s CCTV footage told a different … Continue reading

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>No Lib Dems on Question Time – Geeks’ Special #bbcqt

>If you don’t want the geekery and just want to complain that for the third week in four, there is no Lib Dem on Question Time, just click here. You might want to call over at Daddy Alex’s first cos … Continue reading

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>Mum thrown off bus for breastfeeding her baby

>Two things strike me from this story, describing the disgraceful incident in which a mother, Amy Wootton, was thrown off the bus, with her six week old baby, in the pouring rain for breastfeeding. Firstly, why does the vile misogynist … Continue reading

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>Does Labour’s truculence over Sturgeon show a vengeful trait?

>I wrote yesterday about Iain Gray and the Labour Party’s truculent refusal to accept Nicola Sturgeon’s apology over her letter in support of Abdul Rauf. I was taken by this post by Mr MacNumpty last night which suggested that Labour … Continue reading

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>Why I am not a happy bunny, Part 1

>Tonight I should be here watching him in this. But I can’t. Because of this I should be grateful though. I am warm. I am about to have lovely food, specifically a rather nice curry, in my tummy. I have … Continue reading

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