>In which I know more about something in Sally Bercow’s council ward than she does…

>This afternoon I was quite amused to see this tweet from aspiring Labour Council candidate Sally Bercow. Sally is standing for the St James Ward for Westminster City Council. I can’t quite work out from the tube map exactly how many Circle Line stations there are in the ward, but there are certainly some. It seems strange that she had no idea until today that the Circle Line no longer went round in a Circle.

Now I, living 500 miles away, knew that. Only because on the night of 12th December last year wonderful Lib Dem Voice contributor, blogger and sometime transport geek Helen Duffett went to the party held on the last train to go properly round in a circle and shared the experience with us on Twitter, but still.

It is a bit weird to discover that I know more about an issue affecting voters in Sally Bercow’s chosen ward than she does. Especially when there have been problems with the new system, with people complaining of longer waits and fewer trains.

Before you all shout at me and say that the Council doesn’t run the tube, I know that. It’s Boris’ bag, isn’t it? Even so, I think if you’re very publicly running for office, you kind of need to know the issues affecting the people you hope to represent.

Compare and contrast with Ed Fordham, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn, who is equally not going to be responsible for the tube, but knows how badly people are affected by changes in its services. Just as a postscript, I’ve known Ed for many years, ever since he lived in Stoke and effectively campaigned against Labour there, winning Council by-elections in dramatic style. He is brilliant – passionate, energetic and he gets things done. Check out this interview with him, if you want to know more. He would be an awesome MP and I hope he wins on Election Day.

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1 Response to >In which I know more about something in Sally Bercow’s council ward than she does…

  1. Mark Pack says:

    >The other odd thing about it is that the Circle Line changes have been widely covered in the London media. I'm surprised someone in politics pays such little attention to the local/regional media where they live.


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