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>Genesis of the Daleks revisited

>Last night I watched most of Genesis of the Daleks with Anna. Her friend from school had lent her the DVD – although we didn’t get to see much of the last episode as it was scratched and wouldn’t play, … Continue reading

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>I’ve been on the radio talking about Danny Alexander!

>See that Twitter, it gets you into all sorts of trouble. I noticed just at the end of the F1 Forum on the Red Button that Iain Dale was on LBC talking about David Laws. I can listen to that … Continue reading

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>Danny Alexander: the natural choice to replace David Laws

>I know that nobody would ever have anticipated the need to replace David Laws, but there was a huge amount of surprise last night on Twitter even from Liberal Democrats, that Danny Alexander rather than Chris Huhne or Jeremy Browne … Continue reading

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>David Laws’ dignified and honourable resignation

>I am still pretty heartbroken at the circumstances surrounding David Laws’ resignation from the Cabinet. It was so sad to watch him make what must have been an excruciatingly painful statement in the full glare of the media and I … Continue reading

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>Why I support David Laws

>David Laws and I are about as far apart in our political thinking as it’s possible to get within the Liberal Democrats. The Orange Book, for which he was one of the prime authors, makes me shudder at its very … Continue reading

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>RIP Gary Coleman

>When I was a child, I used to really enjoy watching Diff’rent Strokes. I seem to remember it was on on a Friday tea time and the wee child actor Gary Coleman, who played Arnold, just made the show. He … Continue reading

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>Eurovision: my early years – that sounds good to me

>I just love the Eurovision Song Contest. Always have. Always will. You can get your whole year’s supply of tackiness and camp in just a few hours and I don’t understand how it’s possible to watch it and not smile. … Continue reading

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>F1: Boy with the black earrings

>BBC pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz never ceases to amaze me. Not only does he bring us the news about whose hydraulics are playing up, or who has a nice new shiny front wing, this morning he brought us some … Continue reading

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>Trump says resident who refuses to sell "lives in a slum"

>If you had any doubt about signing up to buy a piece of the land threatened by Donald Trump in his Aberdeenshire development, then think about what he said yesterday about the man whose home his development could destroy. It … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson decides not to stand for Deputy Leadership

>Well, there are more disappointing things than not having an iPad. However much I want one, it’s the worst name for a product in the history of time. Jo Swinson’s tweet that she wasn’t standing for Deputy Leader made me … Continue reading

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