>Tavish Scott highlights Lib Dem Coalition success at FMQs

>It was probably a little bit naughty of Tavish Scott to use today’s FMQs at Holyrood to highlight a key part of the Coalition Agreement secured by the Liberal Democrats – the ending of detention of children at Dungavel and other immigration detention centres around the country. A bit naughty, but entirely understandable, and a good way to highlight things that Labour failed to do in 13 years.

I am so pleased that we argued and won a concession on this point. I said all the way through that I found the idea of talking to the Tories painful, but the more I read the Coalition Agreement, the more I like it.

It’s early days yet, but I’m more and more convinced that we’ve done the right thing for the country. The party might take a hammering in the first term but at least we stepped up, unlike some. Yes, Labour Party, that would be you, I’m talking about.

You have to feel a wee bit sorry for Iain Gray. For once he managed to put across an attacking question very well, asking Salmond if he was “shameless or clueless” over NHS job cuts in Glasgow. Salmond was on great form. He’s been edgy in recent weeks but today he was at his best, punchy without being nasty and despite Gray’s good start, Salmond trounced him. He didn’t at any point even attempt to answer the question put to him about the specific job losses but went to town on Labour for its failure to negotiate to progressive alliance to keep the Tories out of power. It’s gratifying to see that that’s as obvious to people in other parties as it is to me. Every time Labour carp and criticise, they should be well and truly told that they were the ones who put themselves in opposition when they could have been in Government.

Salmond also took a pop at Annabel Goldie for her comments during the election about Nick Clegg:

“I know a Clegg bite swells up and is immensely irritating for a few days and then it goes back down and leaves a nasty little blemish as a perpetual reminder of how tiresome it once was.”

She came back to say that a bit of Tory Antihistamine would sort him out. Hmm, dream on Annabel.

The appalling, brutal murder of teenager Jack Frew was brought up by his MSP Andy Kerr. When Andrew wrote about Jack the other day he mentioned that the attack might have been homophobically motivated. I’ve blogged often about how even in Anna’s primary school playground homophobic words and attitudes are commonplace. We really need to ensure that kids grow up knowing that being gay, or lesbian or bisexual is perfectly fine. There are no words of comfort anyone can offer Jack Frew’s family that will help, but my heart really does go out to them.

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