>Thank you to everyone who blogged about Florence and Precious

>I’m in from the Vigil in Glasgow now and completely knackered and feeling pretty rubbish. It was amazing – a good couple of hundred people there and incredibly moving. I literally don’t have the energy to write about it now but I will tomorrow.

When I clicked on the internet though and saw that my blog roll contained almost exlusively Florence and Precious posts, I was so grateful that the blogosphere had responded to requests from Will, Anne and I to have a blog-in at the time of the vigil. I couldn’t let the night go by without bringing them all together and saying thank you.

Here are all the postings I’ve seen. There may be more and I’ll add them as I find out about them.

Alison couldn’t make the vigil although she wanted to because her wee baby needed her but she wrote this from home. I wonder if she’s mastered the art of typing and feeding at the same time.

Clair at Kids Craft and Chaos lent her support.

The Shoogly Peg asked us to make today different.

Jeff linked David Cameron’s comments about empowering communities to the fact that the local community want Florence and Precious to stay.

Indygal, who has done so much for Florence and Precious, kept her’s simple but extremely effective.

Fraser MacPherson posted here. It’s about the third post down but I can’t get the titled post cos if I click on the headline it links back to me.

Spidey let the commenters on the Scotsman thread absolutely have it – and asked the coalition to help Florence and Precious.

Duncan looked at things through Precious’ eyes – beautifully done.

The lovely elephant recounted the values of generosity and helpfulness to those who needed it that make people want to come here and says these are to be celebrated. I think I want all Government ministers to go to him for a training session on how they should do things.

I e-mailed Lib Dem Voice with a piece this morning and asked them to use their judgement on whether the Blogosphere had had enough of me blogging about Florence and Precious. They generously decided it hadn’t and posted this.

Mr MacNumpty, who is not my husband, for the avoidance of doubt, says that there is only one logical decision for the Home Secretary to take – to let Florence and Precious stay. That was after his call-to-keyboards to bloggers yesterday.

Just when I thought I’d finished, Andrew posts this asking everyone to write to Theresa May and gives pointers of things to include in the letter.

I really appreciate the help of everyone who’s taken part and I know Indygal will as well as will Florence and Precious and the lovely friends of their’s who were there tonight.

Update: some more posts have been made:

Malc says allowing them to stay here is a “total no-brainer”

Subrosa’s support is particularly welcome as I think it’s fair to say that she takes a lot less lenient view of  immigration than I do.

And Clair from Kids Craft and Chaos shares Precious’ story with the Guides she works with.

Further update:

Jennie urges action and says that the idea of Florence and Precious being taken away from their adopted city  because of some “pettyfogging bureaucracy” fills her with rage.

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Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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  1. subrosa says:

    >Sorry I missed the blogging deadline Caron but I've just written a brief post for tomorrow. Was without power most of the day today and remembered, once the power was off that my original post had only been saved as a draft and not set to be published at 5pm yesterday.


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