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>The Year on Caron’s Musings Part 2 – my favourite posts

>As part of my end of term nostalgia, I’ve been looking back at the last year on this blog, a year that’s covered an election and its long build up,  the historic formation of the first coalition government I’ve seen … Continue reading

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>A Reply from the Early Learning Centre regarding their sexist marketing

>Late last night, I blogged this in outrage at the Early Learning Centre’s appallingly sexist marketing of their dressing up outfits. I wrote to them saying that I was horrified that they were marketing nurse outfits directed at girls and … Continue reading

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>Why the midges love my husband

>My poor husband Bob has been plagued by midges and other assorted beasties all his life. They find him oh so tasty! Now it looks like we know why. Apparently, according to research reported in today’s Telegraph,  they go for … Continue reading

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>How my lovely husband calms me down

>I bought my husband a posh new camera for his birthday exactly a month ago.  He loves it and then some. He’s taken to disappearing as the sun goes down to take photos of clouds. When he came back last … Continue reading

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>What century are the Early Learning Centre living in?

>Well, I was actually feeling quite mellow and cheery, having just written a blogpost meandering down memory lane which you will read at a later date. Then I looked at Jennie’s blog, because I always hang on her every word … Continue reading

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>Cuddle your baby to help make them a happier adult

>Anyone who’s ever been on a customer service course for work will no doubt have been given some variation on the theme of “behaviour breeds behaviour”.  You know, if you’re nice and calm and pleasant to someone and it looks … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg promises Recall Elections legislation next year

>Nick Clegg scored another Lib Dem win for the Coalition Government by revealing at today’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons. In response to a question by Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire Jo Swinson, he announced … Continue reading

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>Expert calls for Formula Marketing Watchdog

>A respected neonatologist has called for the establishment of a body to police the implementation on the International Code on the Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes. Professor Stewart Forsyth, whose research into infant feeding in Dundee found breastfeeding can reduce inequalities … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions today at 11.30 am

>This is just a PSA to say that Nick is doing Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions in around half an hour. The first session was an hour before the Budget and I knew I was going to be writing about that … Continue reading

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>Caron’s Corkers – 26th July

>This is a bit of a bumper edition tonight as I’m catching up on a few days’ fantastic blogging. These are some of the must-read posts I’ve found. First up, I was appalled that Bellgrove Belle was expected to sit … Continue reading

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