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>In which I get into the Torygraph for saying nice things about The Almighty Vince

>I knew Twitter would get me into trouble, or the Torygraph, which is probably worse, one day. Last week after Vince Cable’s speech, I got a bit carried away with the moment on Twitter which I assumed would vanish into … Continue reading

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>Ok, Tim Farron and Susan Kramer, why should I vote for you?

>I am feeling completely scunnered with this Party Presidential Election. And while I’m at it, much though I love Liberal Youth to bits, I share Michael’s unimpressedness that their Executive were so quick to back any candidate, especially at a time … Continue reading


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>Anna (11) writes on destruction of the rainforest

>Yesterday Anna came out of school clutching a large brown envelope. I knew it couldn’t be Parent Council bumph because it was addressed to both Bob and I, and it wasn’t report time. I opened it and found this handwritten … Continue reading

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>Labour’s Living Wage vs our raising of the tax threshold

>In amongst fratricidal leadership trauma and bashing the Coalition Government (which I suppose you’d expect of a Party in opposition – we were hardly complimentary about Labour when they were in power), Labour have been trumpeting this wonderful new policy … Continue reading

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>Big Brother Miliband returns to back benches

>So, David Miliband has taken the long walk from the limelight to the back benches apparently in the hope that his little brother Ed can be left to lead the Labour Party in peace (or into pieces). I can see … Continue reading

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>Ed Miliband, mea culpa and the sheep’s clothing

>Today in Manchester a fresh faced shiny new leader pulled on sheep’s clothing, some of the items stolen from the genuine leader of Britan’s liberals, round the wolf that is the body of the Labour Party. To be fair, that … Continue reading

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>The Elephant tries to #Riggtheelection

>If you do nothing else today, you have to read the lovely Elephant’s reasoning for backing Jennie Rigg for President. Just for starters, I love his scale of preference: It OUGHT to be, and yet it’s actually really easy to … Continue reading

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>The Divine Helen Duffett writes for the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging

>Not only is the multi-talented Helen Duffett  busy doing all she does for Liberal Democrat Voice, although I doubt dressing up as Count Packula in a fright wig is one of her roles, she has also written a chapter of  the forthcoming … Continue reading

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>(Yet another) Study shows breastfeeding prevents baby infections

>Another day,another study showing that breastfeeding babies with the milk they were meant to have is better for them. A study by Greek researchers shows that if babies are exclusively breastfed for 6 months, then they will have fewer infections … Continue reading

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>Last chance to elect a grassroots President – #Riggtheelection

>Ten days ago I wrote about why I was supporting grassroots activist and fabulous blogger Jennie Rigg to be our next President:  Ok, so she hasn’t been in the Party since she was in nappies, but in the years she … Continue reading

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