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>Did Labour know about SNP tax power betrayal?

>I was pretty livid when I read that the SNP Government had given away the Scottish Parliament’s tax raising powers for the next three years by failing to pay the £50,000 a year maintenance charge to HMRC for them to do … Continue reading

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>Calling all geeks! The Baggage Man wants you

>What do you get when a group of sci-fi and horror loving geeks with a liking for smut and sometimes downright strangeness decide to play with some headphones and recording equipment? The answer is a podcast called My God! It’s … Continue reading

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>Ross Finnie on Patients Rights Bill: What the Scottish Liberal Democrats would do

>I have just had the quick chat I hoped for with Ross Finnie about the Patients Rights Bill due to be debated at Holyrood this afternoon. He told me why the Liberal Democrats are so opposed to it and what he … Continue reading

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>What’s not to love about the Patients’ Rights Bill?

>This afternoon, the Scottish Parliament will be debating the Patients’ Rights Bill.  Surely this must be a good thing, to set out what patients can expect from their NHS. I mean, who could possibly object to Clause 1 (2) which … Continue reading

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>Vince Cable to dance on Strictly Christmas Special

>I have a really heavy cold and have been pretty much out of it for most of the day. There is so much I want to blog about but I will stick to the thing which has made me smile … Continue reading

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How bullying nearly destroyed my life – and why I wish there had been Anti-Bullying Week then

I’ve been procrastinating like anything to avoid writing this post because although I know the events I’m going to describe took place a long time ago, they cast a long shadow. Their stranglehold on my life is long gone, but … Continue reading

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>Guardian gets it wrong again – Federal Party Election results are not some great rebellion

>Allegra Stratton in the Guardian seems to think that the success of Evan Harris and David Rendel in the Federal Executive elections signifies some sort of rebellion against the leadership as she describes “anti-Tory candidates” taking key positions. Well, er, … Continue reading

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>Why Beatbullying’s #bigmarch is so important

>Today, if you visit certain websites, you’ll see a wee procession of brightly coloured avatars “marching” across the bottom of the screen. Those websites range from the JLS Official website (who says nothing good ever comes out of reality tv … Continue reading

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>Congratulations to Tim Farron, new Liberal Democrat President Elect

>I spent yesterday at the fabulous PICamp event in Edinburgh – of which more later, probably tomorrow, given the F1 today. One highlight of the day was when my friend Emma came up to me to tell me that Tim Farron … Continue reading

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>For Remembrance Sunday; Remembering the fallen and their families

>I am not quite a pacifist, but generally believe that there are better ways of solving problems than using force. That doesn’t stop my unwavering respect and gratitude for the work of the armed forces in this country, past, present … Continue reading

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