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>Duncan Hames is a hero in many ways – but not for the have-a-go handbag chase

>I have a huge amount of time for Duncan Hames, the Liberal Democrat MP for Chippenham. The energy he put into his campaign was matched only by the passion and intensity with which his fiancee Jo Swinson fights her seat. … Continue reading

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>Stephen Fry is babysitting

>I am feeling utterly exhausted this afternoon. Helping at the PTA Book Fair for most of the week has worn me out more than I expected. I write while lying on the couch, trying to stay awake till Bob gets … Continue reading

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>Welfare Reform: Mostly good changes with a few stings in the tail

>As I write, Iain Duncan Smith is on his feet in the House of Commons announcing his package of welfare reforms. IDS was a rubbish leader of the Conservative Party, but I have more confidence in the welfare reforms he … Continue reading

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>Alcohol Bill – a missed opportunity to make a difference

>Before I get started on the issue of Minimum Pricing, let’s for a minute look at one positive thing that the Liberal Democrats have brought to the Alcohol Bill which will go through its final stage today. Had the SNP … Continue reading

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>Political Innovation event in Edinburgh this Saturday – and it’s free!

>This crazy, crazy week in my life will end on Saturday with an all-day event in Edinburgh run by those nice people at Political Innovation. They are looking at how we can change the way we do politics and have … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg doing PMQs today at 12 noon

>Just in case you didn’t realise, with David Cameron in China, Nick Clegg is taking Prime Minister’s Questions today at 12 noon. No doubt Harriet Harman will be ready with questions on tuition fees as students and lecturers, many Liberal … Continue reading

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>How the US Republicans get it so, so wrong

>I am not going to have a lot of spare time this week, so blogging will be very light. I can’t, however, ignore the fact that I’m waking up this morning to a former US President, who in my opinion … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrat MPs must veto compulsory community service for the unemployed

>I am wary about commenting on something that’s at the moment only a news report, that we haven’t heard from the horse’s mouth, but even so, I feel the need to lay down a bit of a line in the … Continue reading

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>Rise of the Left on Wikio – and the Scottish and Lib Dem Rankings November 2010

>Well, the Wikio rankings for November are out and the big news is that Tory blogger Iain Dale has been toppled from the top spot for the first time in about a million years. I don’t think I can remember … Continue reading

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>+++Breaking News Woolas election declared void – new election in Oldham East and Saddleworth

>The mere mention of the name Phil Woolas is enough to make virtually any self respecting liberal cringe. This is, after all, the man who refused the Gurkhas the right to live in the UK and who was responsible for … Continue reading

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