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>It’s Hogmanay!

>By the time you read this, I’ll be partying. At least I hope the Sudafed and Nurofen will have kicked in by then. I have a nice bottle of Elderflower Fizz for the Bells cos I’m driving. Hogmanay is fantastic, … Continue reading

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>Caron’s Women of 2010

>I thought I’d better check out what predictions I’d made for this year, and was slightly relieved to discover that I hadn’t made any. A shame, really, because I hadn’t done badly with the ones I’d made for 2009.  Anyway, who … Continue reading


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>Why is Simon Hughes’ new appointment only for six months?

>I’m really pleased to see that Simon Hughes has been given the job of making sure that young people aren’t being put off from going into higher education after the tuition fees decision. It’s been shocking to see the nursery … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s New Year Message 2011 – same as 2010 and 2009 really

>Nick Clegg has recorded his first New Year Message with the Liberal Democrats in Government. He concentrates on the four points on which we fought the election in May: fair taxes, a fair start for every child, building a sustainable, … Continue reading

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>Review: Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

>After a triumphant first series from Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, Who fans across the country waited with fevered anxiety to see what the Christmas Special would bring. Could the high standard of writing and characterisation which culminated … Continue reading

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>My Festive Scottish Roundup

>Those nice people at Scottish Roundup have let me take on a second stint as Admin Editor (ie sorting out the paperclips and organising the tea rota) for the next couple of months. We were going to leave the Christmas … Continue reading

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>Santa Claus and the Purple Glitter

> Anna was delighted this morning to find a letter, on the thickest, most luxurious parchment from the man himself, Santa Claus. He certainly seemed to know a lot about her, so it’s comforting to know that the naughty and … Continue reading

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>What would the Telegraph have heard at Labour MPs’ surgeries last year?

>It amuses me to hear Ed Miliband being so dismissive about the nature of the coalition, saying it’s a sham. I actually think that what we’ve heard over the past few days proves that it isn’t. Liberal Democrat MPs and … Continue reading

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>News from the Fairer Votes people – they need YOU!

>Here is the latest campaign video from those nice people who are running the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign. They are working hard to make sure that the referendum is won next May 5th. There are a lot of powerful … Continue reading

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>Michael Moore’s Telegraph Tape

>So Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has fallen victim to the Telegraph sting operation where they send wired up young women posing as constituents to record private conversations with ministers during their surgeries. This is a right wing … Continue reading

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