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>Burns’ Night – why I really can’t be bothered with it (or Eck and his iPad, haggis and henpecked husbands)

>I first posted this on Burn’s Night last year. I’m not a fan of the occasion. Just to add a wee bit more for 2011, though, I actually had no idea that “fresh” haggis was banned from the States until I … Continue reading

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>Ok, I’m scared about the economy now – Lib Dems need to watch this carefully

>There is no pretending that today’s news of an unexpected contraction of the economy is in any way good. I’m no economist, but there’s I didn’t come down in the last shower either, so I don’t buy George Osborne’s airy … Continue reading

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>My Top Ten MSPs – a meme for all Scottish political bloggers

>Before we all descend into our tribal bunkers for the duration of the Election campaign, let’s have a bit of dispassionate appraisal of our current crop of MSPs. This idea came out of a chat on Twitter with James from … Continue reading

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>Take ten minutes to tell the Government what you think on wellbeing

>It’s been traditional to measure how well we’re doing as a country purely by the amount of money we make. This is way too narrow a measure and it’s counterproductive to plan all our policy around maximising GDP. Making lots … Continue reading

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>Caron’s Corkers – 24 January 2011

>First up tonight – a signal boost for Mark Thompson, who tears to shreds the argument made by anti Fair Votes bloggers that Auf Wiedersehen Pet proves that AV is unfair. At long last,  the Elephant writes his long awaited … Continue reading

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>Demos Home Front report trashes Tory Marriage Tax Plan

>I would be very surprised if you could find one Liberal Democrat who thought the Tory plan for a tax break for married couples was a good idea – or even an adequate one, to be honest. Last week when … Continue reading

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>Why do Sky Sports Sexists still have jobs?

>If Richard Keys and Andy Gray, the Sky Sports commentators who made some appallingly sexist comments when they thought they were off air had slated a referee on the basis of their race, they would have been out of a … Continue reading

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>Who did Mike Moore describe as "annoying as Hell" at Dunfermline dinner?

>Last Friday night, Dunfermline Liberal Democrats held their Annual Dinner in the Council Chamber at the Dunfermline City Chambers. That’s an auspicious room for the local party: it’s where Willie Rennie and Jim Tolson were selected as candidates, and where … Continue reading

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>#F1 Martin Brundle tells us what he’d do if he were PM

>My Monday morning malaise was lightened by reading an unlikely interview in Total Politics magazine. That publication, by the way, is Cosmo for political junkies. I have just managed to renew my sub for considerably less than last year, so … Continue reading

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>Why are West Lothian teachers more likely to be off with stress

>I know I’m coming a bit late to this one as the story first came out last week, but I couldn’t let it lie. Scotland on Sunday reported on 16th January that the industrious Scottish Liberal Democrats research team in … Continue reading

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