>Scott: I want to make Scotland the most connected country in Europe #sp11

>High speed broadband. Something many of us take completely for granted. However you don’t have to go too far out of the major Scottish cities to find that you just can’t get it. Even in West Fife, actually in Dunfermline itself, people are struggling with low connectivity which makes it difficult for them to work at home.  In the Highlands, almost one business in three can’t get high speed broadband, which puts them at a real disadvantage. I’ve actually known of people who have had to move because the lack of connectivity made their business unviable, which is a real shame.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Tavish Scott went up to Inverness yesterday to launch the Lib Dem plan to make Scotland the most connected country in Europe with our candidates from across the Highlands Christine Jardine, Robbie Rowantree and Alan MacRae.  He said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will invest in superfast broadband in the Highlands and across Scotland. Almost a third of Highland businesses can’t get high speed broadband. Under our proposals that will improve.

“Broadband can turn the ‘tele-croft’ from political rhetoric to economic reality.

“This is an investment in jobs, in starting new business and growing existing business.“Making Scotland the most digitally connected region in Europe is an investment in helping schools, hospitals and public services provide better services for local people.”

It’s things like this that show that our policies have a strong foundation in practicality, understanding the problems businesses and people have in reaching their true potential and making sure they have the tools they need to make the economy grown and create more jobs in the future.

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  1. >He'll have to get connected to his voters and his list candidates so he at least knows their names.wv: dense (seems apt)


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