>Alex Cole-Hamilton shines at Edinburgh student hustings #sp11

>One thing that cheered me up this morning was reading the reports about the Edinburgh University Students’ Association hustings which took place last night. The Journal has a live blog of the proceedings and you can see how people who were there felt by looking at the #eusahustings page on Twitter.

It appears that Edinburgh Central Liberal Democrat candidate Alex Cole-Hamilton really impressed those who were watching.Here’s a selection of the comments about him:

From someone who isn’t keen on the Liberal Democrats:

If it wouldn’t make me sick in my mouth to think about it, I’d actually campaign for @ after these hustings.

From the same person:

Another name drop for  from @. An example that principled Lib Dem politicians still exist.  

Pleased that @ is suggesting that Scottish Labour’s appalling ‘Carry a Knife Go to Jail’ policy is just that

On Coalition red line issues:

Alex: good Q. 3 absolutes: CND, Free NHS, no (mandatory) knife carrying jail terms 

I think i’m going to call the #eusahustings as a tie between ramsay and cole hamilton. – Alex is the only one of those standing in the constituency of Edinburgh Central, though.

Well, @ won that in my opinion

@ blew the opposition out the water at hustings tonight

Alex has been a friend of mine for a long time, so I’m hardly unbiased, but I’ve become more and more impressed with him as a leader over the years and I think Holyrood needs someone who will be a passionate supporter of young people. He’s on the same page as I am on things like Trident – he’s totally opposed to nuclear weapons – as a former student leader, he has a long track record of opposition to fees and understands how hard many students find meeting their day to day living costs. He understands about the crisis in FE colleges too as he showed recently on Brian Taylor’s Big Debate. 

Have a look at this really thoughtful video he’s done about knife crime. I feel that he really gets what’s important here – finding a way to make our communities and our young people safer.

Politics aside, one of the things I care most about is children, their welfare, factoring in their needs at every level of policy. I want to see people in Holyrood who share that passion, who get it instinctively without it having to be pointed out. Alex is top of my list of people I want to see in there.

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