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>The Forgiven Simon Hughes and Farron’s Caron Test

>Yes, I was cross with Simon the other day, and I felt I had good reason to be. The poor man may not have read that post, but he was on the receiving end of a pretty stroppy e-mail from … Continue reading

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>A word about comments

>As you know I love it when people comment here. Some of you, though, get a wee bit anxious if more than five minutes elapses before your comment is published. At the moment, I’m having trouble posting comments from my … Continue reading

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>This is why we are in Government

>It’s been a hell of a month. No doubt about that. Even now, every time I see this it still makes me a bit teary that someone can be so gracious and magnanimous even in the face of defeat. So … Continue reading

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>Ain’t no sunlight from Guido on Chris Huhne’s expenses

>I wouldn’t normally sully your day with a link to the noxious Guido Fawkes blog. After all, this is the guy who cast aspersions and innuendo over William Hague until he was forced to make an unprecedented personal statement last … Continue reading

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>Livingston shop workers face huge parking cost

>Shop workers, let’s face it, don’t get paid an awful lot of money. Their already meagre incomes are being stretched far enough at the moment. Spare a thought for the shop workers in Livingston’s shopping centre who have been told … Continue reading

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>Brian Taylor gets it wrong – Willie Rennie was comparatively polite today #sp4

>I watched the ministerial appointments debate which took place today in Holyrood. Several things amused me. First was the fact that Iain Gray, now he’s going, seems to have found his sense of humour. Mind you, his speech was probably … Continue reading

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>In which I rant at Simon Hughes.

>Dear Simon I had an e-mail from you tonight. When I see your name come up in my inbox, I expect that what I’m going to read is going to make me feel all good and comforted. Tim Farron gave … Continue reading

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>Fancy seeing the Queen open Scottish Parliament on 1st July?

>On Friday 1st July, there’s going to be all sorts of celebration in Edinburgh. The Queen is going to come and open the fourth session of the Holyrood Parliament. There’s going to be all sorts of pomp and circumstance – … Continue reading

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>A #TowelDay exchange

>There would have been something very wrong with the Universe if we’d woken up this morning and there had been no post from Stephen in honour of Towel Day. This is the annual commemoration of Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the … Continue reading

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>The "I’m more reactionary than you!" Competition

>Or, as it is commonly known, the monthly bunfight that is questions to the Deputy Prime Minister. Usually, the questions are, shall we say, not of the highest quality and the event is treated as a chance for members to … Continue reading

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