The cracks start to show in #ldconf vetting system

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Nothing will stop me looking forward to the first Federal Conference I’ve attended in 12 years, but I can’t describe to you how uncomfortable and physically sick it made me feel to receive an e-mail the other day which said:

we have received information from Greater Manchester Police that you have been successfully accredited for the upcoming Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2011. Your conference pass will be posted to you in September. 

What business is it of the Police’s that I attend my own Party’s conference when there is airport style security scanners outside? This is way over the top and it’s an absolute scandal that our Federal Conference Committee has rather meekly acquiesced to the demands of the Police.

I just feel that my relationship with the Police which until now has been one of respect has now become a bit oppressive, one where somebody in a police station in Manchester has final say over the extent of my political activity.

I’ve been cleared to go but I’ve become aware that several people, over the last few days, have been told that they have failed. They include fairly well known activists. I’m sure it won’t thrill the FCC that some of these people have been a pain in the backside to successive leaders. Their exclusion validates all we were saying way back in June about the iniquity of the new system and adds weight to David Grace’s motion against it, being discussed at 9am on the Sunday morning of Conference. Unfortunately, I can’t be there to vote for it, but I’m hoping that at least one of you will forego your night’s drinking and get up and do so in my place.

If you have been told you have failed accreditation, please let me know, privately if you want. I want to get a clear idea about how widespread this is.

Even if it’s cock up, which I suspect, rather than conspiracy, it shows up the flaws in the system.

The challenge to FCC is how they will act now some people have been turned down. Will they show the resolve that we require of them?

They are all up for re-election this year and it is to be hoped that those elections will be contested by people who will not put up with these draconian and unnecessary restrictions on our liberty. If a liberal party doesn’t  stand up against them, who on earth will?

About caronlindsay

Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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5 Responses to The cracks start to show in #ldconf vetting system

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a rep and I can vote drinking or not I *WILL* be there.

    Angharad- RCT Lib Dems


  2. KelvinKid says:

    I think you must get real Caron. You were present in Glasgow two days ago when Clegg was attacked. We live in dangerous times when personal assault and even mass atrocity are real threats. In the circumstances these precautions seem reasonable to me.


  3. Jennie says:

    Kelvin: nobody is objecting to physical security measures on the door to prevent Cl-eggings etc. What we are objecting to is people not even being allowed near the door when (in some cases) they are approved party candidates.


  4. Kelvin,

    Being doused with paint is hardly disastrous. And I'd very much like to see how anyone could get even a toothpaste tube of paint past the airline style security we had at last conference and will have at this conference.


  5. mickeyjack says:

    There are those of us who can't come to conference Kelvin and I am one of them.

    What is my crime? Having a harassment order placed onto a neighbour who harassed me out of my own home. I then had a marker placed on my house for my protection in case of further attacks. As a result, my accreditation comes up with a red flag and I am unlikely to pass the accreditation.

    Im a regional and federal voting rep and I cannot represent my own local party.

    What threat I am i?


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