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Willie Rennie tells the SNP to grow up over Scotland Bill

Last night I finally got around to watching Wednesday afternoon’s Politics Scotland show. Yes, I know, I call myself a political blogger and I choose to watch Celebrity Masterchef when it was going out live. Disgraceful! Anyway, Wednesday’s programme contained … Continue reading


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Caron’s Corkers 29 September 2011

Every working parent will empathise with Ellen’s account of her morning. Gin and laughter seem to be the antidotes. Nicola Prigg reckons Rory Weal doesn’t need EMA now. The Atlantic tell of a 17 year old Pakistani girl whose family … Continue reading

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SNP put words in Mike Dillon’s mouth – Rennie

I wrote earlier about how Renfrewshire Councillor Mike Dillon has returned to the Liberal Democrats almost exactly four months after leaving to join the SNP. It’s hardly surprising he came back, given what I found out a wee while ago. … Continue reading

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Volunteering in Uganda – the adventures of Little Grumpy G and others

I have been meaning to post this video for weeks and weeks and am kicking myself for only just getting round to it. Recently my friend Graeme spent a couple of months in Uganda, volunteering as a teacher. The organisation … Continue reading

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Alasdair Allan needs lessons in prioritising his to do list.

So, Alasdair Allan, Scottish Schools minister has decided that our kids need lessons in Scottish Studies to make sure they learn about their culture and history. To be fair, he may have a point. I know my education is some … Continue reading

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Rennie welcomes ex SNP councillor back to Lib Dems

Good news this lunchtime for the Renfrewshire Liberal Democrat Council Group. Cllr Mike Dillon, who joined the SNP Group in May has reconsidered and come back to us. Here he is with Willie today. Mike has clearly seen that the … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg stands up for human rights in Belarus and warns of divisions in EU

Nick Clegg has a piece in the Independent today in which he outlines the abuses of human rights carried out by the Government of Belarus. This Summer, after protesting was banned by the Government (which, by the way, shut down … Continue reading

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A few words on Nick Clegg’s Summer schools

But let me say something else: The rioters are not the face of Britain’s young people. The vast majority of our young people are good, decent and doing the best they can. Don’t condemn all of them because of the … Continue reading

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Calling all bloggers – take part in the Human Rights Challenge!

When I say all bloggers, I mean those of any political party and none who sigh when they see yet another article decrying the Human Rights Act in the right wing press. And, actually, you don’t need to be a … Continue reading

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I’ve not got much love for Ed’s Bargain Basement with the nasties in the dark corners #lab11

So, yesterday afternoon, Ed Miliband gave his first proper speech to the Labour Conference. The first, last year, was written hastily after his unexpected victory, but he’s had a bit longer to think about this one. Why, then, was last … Continue reading

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