Willie Rennie tells the SNP to grow up over Scotland Bill

Last night I finally got around to watching Wednesday afternoon’s Politics Scotland show. Yes, I know, I call myself a political blogger and I choose to watch Celebrity Masterchef when it was going out live. Disgraceful!

Anyway, Wednesday’s programme contained a gem of an interview with Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie and the SNP’s Joan McAlpine.

In it, Willie made the very obvious point that the Scottish Parliament is being given a whole load of new powers, the biggest devolution since the Act of Union in 1707. You would think the SNP Government, which wants independence, would be delighted. Instead they are stalling and prevaricating about it. He pointed out that we can’t have more responsibility and expect there to be no risk whatsoever. And if the risk of the Scotland Bill is too big, then what on earth is independence?

It seems from what Joan McAlpine was saying that we might end up with the farcical situation where the SNP vote for the transfer of powers because they don’t want to be seen to be voting against it, but they’ll not agree the timing, the Commencement Orders.

Asked how Michael Moore would resolve the impasse, Willie said that  it was clear that he was prepared to be reasonable and deal with the complicated issues in a spirit of constructive engagement. He then made the very valid point that:

“their idle threats to thwart this bill which, as I say, is the most substantial transfer of power in 300 years actually goes counter to what they claim which is more powers for the Scottish Parliament. I just think they’re mucking about with this and they need to be a bit more mature.”

If you want to watch the interview, you can do so here.

The SNP need to stop faffing and make a decision to either back the Bill or not. If they choose not to, they make a mockery out of their claim for independence.  With power comes responsibility and uncertainty – although the Bill contains mitigating measures to help Holyrood cope with fluctuations.

The SNP seem to want to have their cake and eat it over this.  They just can’t. So they have to make a decision that they, and only they, will be accountable for.

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5 Responses to Willie Rennie tells the SNP to grow up over Scotland Bill

  1. Munguin says:

    Considering that the Scotland Bill is the product of the Calman Commission and that was something that the SNP was not included in, it is hardly surprising that they want to look at every aspect of it long and hard before agreeing. Is that not what a responsible Government ought to do. Clearly you and Willie Rennie think not. But fortunately for Scotland a majority of the electorate agree with the SNP and that is why they ended up with 69 MSPs. Unfortunately for you and Tavish Scott a very small minority agreed with the Lib Dems and that is why you lost so many deposits and ended up with 5 MSPs. And fortunes show no sign of improving under Willie for all his shrill carping on unionist organs like the BBC.

    I note that Willie said that the Tories (David Gauke) and the Lib Dems (Michael Moore) showed …“a willingness, a spirit of constructive engagement to try to work through these complicated issues to make sure that the right decisions are made”. While you accuse the SNP of “faffing” and “wanting their cake and eating it”. Why is that Caron? Is it because they are not simply rolling over and agreeing to everything without a discussion, but instead showing a willingness, a spirit of constructive engagement…etc over something that was born as a result of a commission the SNP never asked for?

    I note also that Willie now wants another Commission on devolution chaired by Lord Steel, what happened to that constructive engagement? I mean to say is it not a bit early to want another one when we haven’t even finished all the “faffing” about over the last one? It looks like Willie and what’s left of the Scottish Lib Dems want to turn Scotland into a land of never ending Commissions. Are they doing that until they get the answer they want? Something for you to think of the next time you feel like accusing the SNP of having referenda until they get the answer they want as unlike you and the Lib Dems and your commissions we haven’t even had one yet.


  2. Caron I suggest that Willie Rennie leaves the grownups to deal with the Scotland Bill as it is far too important for Scotland's future than his politicking for media coverage.

    This is just one episode of many which your followers might learn from.



  3. GHmltn says:

    err – weren't the SNP invited t join in Calman and they refused?

    And hasn't this produced a Scotland Bill – the SNP has not as yet produced any draft work giving us their proposals!

    They produced some stuff in 2009 but they have not as yet moved that on in significant detail – the significant detail that would be necessary should people be able to take a view on whether that was what was wanted or to implement should it be supported.

    And the SNP are plenty able to grandstand and politick – Alex salmond is a past master at it.

    But they do also need to deal with issues in front of them.


  4. GHmltn

    err – weren't the SNP invited t join in Calman and they refused?

    Just like LibDems refusing to back a referendum as they suspected the question.

    As the latest poll gives you about 4% of the vote shows who has more creditability.

    Have you looked at the Scottish Bill which will harm our economy and standing within these Isles. LibDems don't care about that as personal gain and a feeling of self importance are far more important in their blinkered eyes.


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