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What would David Cameron have answered on women if it hadn’t been for the Liberal Democrats?

When Labour MP for Ashfield and former GMTV political correspondent Gloria de Piero asked David Cameron  at PMQs last week why women were “significantly more negative about the Government than men”, the PM gave this reply. When you are making … Continue reading


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Steel warns against referendum confusion bitterness

David Steel should know what he’s talking about when it comes to constitutional politics. As a co-chair of the Scottish Constitutional Convention and subsequently as the chair of the Steel Commission that examined post devolution policy options for the Liberal … Continue reading

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Glasgow City Council passes Lib Dem equal marriage motion

My Liberal Democrat Councillor of the Week is Alex Dingwall of Glasgow City Council. Yesterday, Alex introduced this motion which committed the Council to respond to the Scottish Government’s equal marriage consultation supporting same sex marriage, extending civil partnerships to mixed … Continue reading

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In full – the self-induced humiliation of a First Minister

I knew when I read the Official Report of yesterday’s proceedings in the Scottish Parliament that I’d enjoy it probably more than I should. I will admit to a bit of schadenfreude at the uber-smug Alex Salmond coming a fairly … Continue reading

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Caron’s Corkers – 27 October 2011

I’d had a mini tantrum during PMQs yesterday when a DUP MP complained about the persecution of Christians. Stephen shows how this guy and the facts are far removed from each other. The Hon Lady Mark wants David Cameron to … Continue reading

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Eamonn Holmes tells rape victim that she should have taken a taxi

For such an experienced media professional, Eamonn Holmes’ foot has been hovering fairly close to his mouth quite a lot this year. His reaction to the tragic death of 27 year old Amy Winehouse was to tout for business for … Continue reading

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Another expert says SNP Referendum Plans "untenable" and "not feasible"

One of the world’s leading authorities on referenda has said that the SNP’s plans for a two question referendum are “untenable”. Dr Matt Qvortrup of Cranfield University says in today’s Times (£) that: “Two questions where people can vote ‘yes’ to … Continue reading

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Salmond fails on carbon capture at #fmq

The SNP will do anything to take a knock at the UK Government. It’s all part of their plan to persuade the people that anything that involves Westminster is the Spawn of Satan. First Minister’s Questions is, these days, not … Continue reading

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What was David Cameron thinking when he spoke to the Liverpool Daily Post on Hillsborough?

Luciana Berger, Labour MP, for Liverpool Wavertree has crossed my radar before – and not in a good way.So, my ears pricked up when I heard her dulcet tones ask the first question at today’s PMQs. She demanded an apology from … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: SNP moving the goalposts to win at all costs

I have shamelessly filched this from Willie Rennie’s Facebook fan page with the aim of encouraging you to “like” it if you haven’t already.  It’s quite an interactive environment, with discussions, polls,  pretty pictures and lots of information about what Willie’s … Continue reading

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